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Default Re: Message for Croteam: The ideal Multiplayer for Serious Sam 4

Originally Posted by PikaCommando View Post
Usually pro players try to keep the Luck factor down to a minimum, because a truly skilled player would know how to turn the tides.
Well, to a large extent I agree with you. However, there are simply situations that you can not turn around regardless of your own skill level. If we stick to duels (1v1), if a map is poorly designed, it literally puts the player with the first kill completely in charge of every pickup in the map. This leaves the player who started with a death with nothing to fight with, and the player who started with a kill with nothing to fear, as they have higher endurance and firepower. Even pro players stay away from maps that allow complete control/dominance. The balance really lies in designing the maps around the game mode and game mechanics.

Originally Posted by Joe Flamingo View Post
I really think that the raw gameplay of the Versus Mode (weapons, movement, mechanics) SHOULD remain the same in every gamemode, for avoiding confusion throughout different games and levels.
Too many gamestyles just divide community and make so much confusion!

For example on UT3 we have Vehicles modes, and old-style modes, and community split into two different communities, the ones for the Vehicles and team game modes, and the ones that played only on old-style game modes.

If you wanna keep the community united you should never make more than one gameplay style.
And the UT3 community "split" is a problem why? The different game modes appeal to different players and that's the way it's always been. Hell, UT had a community split based on whether the game mode (e.g. CTF) was played 3v3 or 5v5. There were still plenty of people around for both. If you ask me, it's damn near impossible to offer more than one game mode and not have the community be split.

Originally Posted by Joe Flamingo View Post
Map design is so important to differentiate a funny CTF from a wide and complex DM map or a competitive well-balanced 1on1 map.
I so agree with this. Map design is key to making the game fun and competitive. And even within the same game mode, the map design can be the difference between a game/match that is fun, competitive or both. Map design needs to be built to support the game mode and game mechanics and to ensure balance.

Originally Posted by Gnaarwarian View Post
Quake 3 & UT are old games with dusty old game ideas. That was 17 years ago.

Last UT with bots is from 2007.

I think develoers gives up idea of Bots between 2004-2008, with a few exceptions.
Actually, the new UT has largely the same game modes as the old ones and bots have been present in it from the get go. Many of the game modes and concepts from those "old" games still live today as part of the gameplay of new games.
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