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Default Re: Message for Croteam: The ideal Multiplayer for Serious Sam 4

Originally Posted by Solais View Post
Zeb is pretty much a non-person, considering he screwed over Croteam and pretty much destroyed the SSHD versus community. Not to mention, he was supposed to be THE tester of the SS3 Versus mode, so if it's bad, it's kinda him not doing his job; considering how much have Croteam always listened to its testers. So yeah, don't expect anyone taking him, or his videos seriously.
As Scratch said and as I reconfirmed, the video was to show you what I was trying to make you understand.
I took the Zeb's one because he's one of the few people who record Serious Sam matches in high quality on Youtube.

I don't accept this off topic. Think at the game, don't move your mind to such stupid things.

I linked you some clips about what you asked, I would except a reply about it.

I definitely don't care who Zeb is, what he did and what he didn't. And surely I'm not the only one here.
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