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A RunHandled function is pretty much used for more complex situations, where you want to watch for many events simultaneously and/or have more than one thread of code running at the same time. It is usually constructed of a handler function, first parameter, and handlers for that function. A RunHandled block ceases execution when the handler function reaches its 'end'.

Here's a simple handler function that will spawn enemies every 8 seconds, and different enemies every 6 seconds. That would be harder to do with a simple "Wait(Event(...))" construction, and in some cases almost impossible.

  function() -- handled function
    WaitForever() -- this will make the RunHandled function run forever, since WaitForever() prevents it from reaching it's end.
  end, -- note the comma operator(,) after end!

  On(Delay(10)), -- handler 1

  On(Delay(15)), -- handler 2
    end -- note the lack of a comma operator(,) after end!
A RunHandled function must always have one handled function, and at least one handler to work.
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