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Originally Posted by Qynchou View Post
works like a charm XD thanks alot nhunter, its hillarious hahaha
but now it just simply appears, is it hard to make that spawn animation? you know that ripping space/displacing effect when enemy appears
Unlike SS1 / SS1: HD, in SS3 there is no obvious/any spawn animation for the items. And I'm not sure that you can add a normal one without resorting to placing some particle effects (SpaceshipWarpIn (or whatever it is called, too lazy to look it up), I think, will be the closest one to what you would want; don't forget to scale it down).
If you decide to use particle effects, you should remember two things: your effect should be controlled by "game scripting", and you in your script you should make the animation play once (I think it will be effect : Play(). if you need looping animation for the particle effect, you will need to use effect : PlayLooping() instead)


EDIT 1: you can try playing around with item's *.ep file - it might contain the field for spawn animation

EDIT 2: It does play something? really?
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