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Default General Modding Standards and Information

Just a thing I thought I'd put out there. I've noticed a number of people making... "mistakes", with their mods. So, I've decided to start a sort-of compendium of things you should and should not do, as well as some general information. I may or may not update this ever.

[Note: While this information primarily applies to Serious Sam 3, some points can be taken into consideration for Serious Sam HD]

When making model re-skins, do NOT use a local mesh

So, meshes are generally the largest part (outside of animations, but who edits those?) of any player model. Using a local mesh means that the resource for the mesh is directly tied into the model file, so only that model has that mesh data. The filesize for the Model is, of course, increased due to containing the said mesh. This is okay... right up until the model-maker copies the model file to make any number of re-skins. So, say we're making a player model that has both team colors. This means we'll have 3 models in total. With a local mesh on each one, the total filesize is essentially TRIPLED what it should be due to the presence of 3 "different" meshes. Now, consider the fact that, like, over 90% of all of the player models on the workshop are like this... yeah. This crap adds up.

Now, as for how to properly set up a series of model re-skins: Mesh modifiers. With Mesh modifiers, you can modify the Surfaces of the mesh outside of the mesh. That way, you can have all of the like models use the same (saved) mesh, but different textures. If you don't know how to set up mesh modifiers, take a look at ANY of Croteam's player model re-skins.

This rule can be applied to literally any model you can make a re-skin of, not specifically player models (they're just the largest example out there).

All non-player characters should have a "Texture" UVMap

Any mesh that's either going to be a non-playable character or otherwised attached to a non-playable character (attachment, tool, etc) should DEFINATELY have a "Texture" UVMap. See, various shader-based effects are tacked onto these characters, such as spawning and burn-out. These shaders depend on there being a "Texture" UVMap on the model. If that UVMap doesn't exist, not only will the effect appear incorrectly on the model, there will be console errors... ESPECIALLY for the burn-out effect, which complains VERY LOUDLY about it in the console. Sure they're errors that the player won't neccessarily see, but it's messy and unprofessional (and bothersome when you're trying to debug your own mods).

The Blend Mask on Legged Puppets will be overridden by Blood Effects

You know how some enemies get bloodied after you shoot them a bit? That's this effect taking place. If any existing UVMap is entered into the "mask uvmap" in the shaders for the mesh, the character WILL bleed on those surfaces as they lose HP. This is essentially how the game determines if enemies bleed (and which UVmap to use for it). Now, the thing to note is that if you put a texture into the "blend mask", it will be overridden. The texture used for bleeding is globally determined by the current Blood and Gore Skin. The only instance where it won't be overridden is when the current blood skin doesn't have a bleeding texture (everything but Red and Green blood). But just take it as a general rule that you cannot use the Blend Mask for Legged Puppets; you can only determine if they'll bleed or not.

... and yes, you can make Player Models bleed, should you desire. Though, the effect reverses in color when you have over 100 HP.
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