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Default Re: Old Timer has passed

Wow, see Lone Crouton has posted. Long time, no see.

I know I haven't been keeping in contact. I meant to come on here and wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

However, my mom has been ill for quite a while, and I had to fly back to Oklahoma during the summer right after the 4th of July, for a month, when she had a couple of strokes, and then again right before Christmas, she had blood clots and almost died twice, so I spent the holidays back there in ICU with mom, while my wife stayed home to keep our jobs (we work as a management team), so I never got the chance to wish everyone a Happy holidays.

What brought me back here was the automated Happy Birthday wish from Seriously! I got in my email, which reminded me to log in here.

I am glad everyone is still thinking of Oscar. He was more than just an old gamer. He was a Seriously cool guy. Wished I would have taken the time to drive over and visit him while we were all still Samming, since he lived in San Francisco, just a little over an hour from me. Guess us ol farts were just always too busy.

Take care all.
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