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Default Re: Which classic enemy would you like to return most?

Just want to state the obvious for the record: Kamikazes and Kleers. They are litteraly more important than Sam himself in what makes a Serious Sam game. Werebulls, Mechanoids, Gnaars (loved the SS3 version) and Beheaded Soldiers comes as a close second.

In whises for returning guest stars I would say the Hatchling Arachnoid from SS3. Loved their unpredictable and agressive crawling compared to their more stationary older counterparts. They interacted very well with the various weapons and the combat balance - made the new melee attack really usefull.

And the Antaresian Spiders, also from SS3. Both the small and large ones. They were so nice and squishy. A nice change of pace from the other enemies who are much more hectic to fight against. Love the contrast they provide.

Last but not least: Marsh-hoppers! And make a large Marsh-hopper mother who have her mouth filled with hopper offspring and spits them everywhere

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