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Default Serious Sam 2 Remake

Um... Someone had to make this sooner or later so... I guess I will?

Well, I might be more excited for this than SS4. I've already said a million times that SS2 was hugely ambitious and had monumental potential before being neutered by 2K. I can't imagine how epic it will be with proper gameplay, proper art style, less Saturday-morning-cartoon-level humor and more classic enemies along with modern production values. I'm certain there will be more kamikazes and they will be proper kamikazes instead of those bomb-headed assholes from the original. And I hated the T-Rex cunts and those bulltwats that replaced the Biomechanoids. But if there's one thing I hope they keep it's the non-hitscan not-Arachnoids. In fact, they should get rid of those hitscan zombie assholes, and the clowns. Those fucking clowns, in correlation to one of my previous statements the clowns need to be replaced by kamikazes. I'm sure those fucktards were 2K's idea. The boss fights were actually the most creative in the series though, but Kwongo had us just sitting in a fucking turret in what could have been one of the best boss fights in the series. In fact, get rid of the turrets entirely, they only cut SS's gameplay in half but getting rid of movement. Movement is one of the primary factors of SS's gameplay, if you get rid of it you're left with a shooting gallery. I'm willing to give vehicles a second chance though if they're done better, i.e. don't have unlimited ammo or at least have a cool down. I do like the hamster ball though, in fact I would like to see more of it.

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