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Default Re: My Serious Sam 2 speedrun

Looks like you hold the world record now, congratulations.

Now I've seen multiple people having trouble with getting through the hole in barrier at Coast 2 Cost, I'd like to share this.
There is a consistent way to get through, you have to face to the barrier hole and do a 90-150 degree spin to left while moving towards it. Only the part of hitbox where Sam seats matters while doing stunts with vehicles, the rest of the model collision will ignore if the part with Sam goes through.

YouTube Video: C2C Barrier Hole

Also, I've found an alternative route in Command Center. It is 8-12 seconds slower but a lot more consistent than crate jumping. Good for beginners.

YouTube Video: Command Center Alternative Route

Originally Posted by tSu_nAmi
Also I have been thinking of making SS2 segmented speedrun in Serious Difficulty,would anyone be interested if i did it and made thread here about how its going?
I'd be interested but I can't say anything positive for anyone else here. They'll probably be too busy complaining how bad SS2 is.
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