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Default What player models would you like to see in Serious Sam 3?

SSHD Gnaar - The SS games need a playable Gnaar. Nuff said.

Mental Mate - Serious Sammy has an "evil" counterpart in SS3, so why doesn't Sam get his evil version, Mental Mate, back? It wouldn't be that hard to make either.

Beheaded Rocketeer (SSHD) - Revenge of the cannon fodder! The SSHD version is used so that people won't constancy shoot at the player, thinking they're a SS3 Rocketeer.

The Misc Soldier Models - There are a few soldier models in the game that are just used as background props (like the one near where you first get the pistol). I don't think it should be that hard ot make them into player models, since their skeletons appear to be similar.

Kleer Kurt - I miss Kleer Kurt. Remake him with the SSHD model and you'd have a winner.

SSHD Kamikaze - see the Beheaded Rocketeer.

SS2 Orc Grunt - enraged that he's not in the game, the Orc Grunt gets his revenge against Mental by helping Sam.

SS1 Zorg Player models - Already in the game.

SSHD Harpy - Who wouldn't want to play as a woman in a metal bikini? Wings are optional.

Mini Khnum - Freaking everyone out by being a small Khnum would be very amusing.

Helmetless Canned Cain - we need to see who's under the helmet! :O

What ideas do you guys have for player models?
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