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Default Re: Double D not starting at all, crashes to desktop

I'm with Angelo on this one too. But I did attempt what you suggested to no avail. For some reason, I have a hunch it has to do with my gfx card as a lot of reported issues of this nature seems to share that one commonality, the Nvidia or at this point, AMD gfx cards don't seem to play nice with this game.

Anymore suggestions?
Play the XBLA version?

Okay, so I checked the thread here, you've not mentioned confirming that your graphics drivers are up to date. Since we're talking gfx card.. might as well check.

But then I just checked, and this is not a good sign. Terraria also uses XNA and most fixes for that game have worked for SSDD.
Soooooooooo... if the drivers just don't work with some XNA games... we might be at an impasse.
Is it possible to roll back the drivers?
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