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Thumbs up Xbox Button Icons In Name Fields [Solved\Tutorial Updated 2016]

Alright, guys! I've found out all of the characters in SS2, and apparently the xbox icons are special characters.
Since keystroke commands like Ctrl + V and unicode commands do not work in-game, I'll be showing you on how to make this work the easiest way so far.

UPDATED #2016 FIX - Made tutorial much easier without needing Microsoft Keyboard Layout Creator.


Very easy. Download my updated preset for xbox icons:

Open --> ss2_xbox --> Run setup.exe. Close after installation.

Make sure you have ENG SSII Xbox Icons keyboard enabled.

This will give you secret character symbols on your keyboard to enable xbox icons in name field.

Now start the game and edit your names!

~~~~~What keys to press within the name field~~~~~~

Key press for (A) icon = [Shift] + [3]
Key press for (B) icon = [Shift] + [4]
Key press for (X) icon = [Shift] + [5]
Key press for (Y) icon = [Shift] + [6]
Key press for (WHITE) icon = [Shift] + [7]
Key press for (BLACK) icon = [Shift] + [8]

Press Ctrl + Shift to toggle the Xbox Icons keyboard language.


Your name will look like this on the in-game name list:

However, the player will view Xbox icons if they point their crosshair directly at you:
That's it.

You can also save some time in Windows 7 by adding the language bar on taskbar if you go to Start --> Control Panel --> Clock, Language, and Region --> Region and Language --> Keyboards and Languages --> Change keyboards... --> Language Bar tab --> Docked in the taskbar --> OK. Right-Mouse-Click on the icon and disable Auto Adjust if it gets buggy and keeps resetting the language to your default. You can do the same for Windows 10.

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