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Serious Sam 2 Discuss anything and everything about Serious Sam 2, the official sequel to SS:FE and SS:SE.

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Default So... what do you dislike of SS2?

I am new in the Serious Sam franchise... Like one year ago I bought a copy of Serious Sam FE and I felt in love.

I played FE, SE, 2 and now I have little time but I crawling through BFE. I also played Double D that (a part of the disappointing final boss) is also a great game.

A part of the FE where I played Mental I mainly played all the games at Serious.

Reading around I got the feel that SS2 is the most disliked and while I agree I think the reasons are fairly different for each person so I was wondering:
- do you agree that SS2 is the worst of SS games?
- why?

About me... I think the real problem of SS2 is that level were... small. After levels like the ``great pyramid'' or ``valley of the jaguar'' Serious Sam 2 seemed cramped, always. And I really hate invisible walls. Nothing states ``bad level design'' like an invisible wall in an absolutely normal part of the level.. seriously... what they were thinking?

I also disliked how the game was chatty... I remember I changed the ``extra life'' sound with .1 second of silence. Beside... lives? in a shot-n-up single player game?

I still think even after BFE that FE and SE netrisca was the best. She hardly ever talks during the action, like during the first level of SE, but she is plenty of informations when called and she seems developing a personality while progressing the levels. Beside she is instructive with nice historical informations. Really well done.

Secondly the weapons were less impressive than the previous (and successive) game. Even the Cannon seems a toy in Serious Sam 2.

On the other hand I loved the increased variety of visuals: FE was a long walk in the Egypt. SE gave us three main themes Mesoamerica, Mesopotamia and medieval Europe. SS2 gave us much more: mdigbo, magnor, chifang, kleer, ellenier, kronor and sirious. Each of them is great and different.

I, for one, kinda liked the monster design. A part of the Kamikaze and the Rhino Cybertoy that are too much toyish I like how monster were original, crazy, colorful yet deadly... In too many games nowadays everything is gray/brown...

Cutscenes were great, short enough to not bore. But long enough to give some breath and a laugh from a battle to the next.

Vehicles were a good idea, but the only vehicle that was not like an armor and more powerful weapon was the ball that was used too little.
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Default Re: So... what do you dislike of SS2?

I agree with everything you wrote.

SS2 may be a bit too silly at places, but I still very much like it. The battles may not be as memorable like in the other games, but visually the game is far superior than other games (I mean in terms of environment variety, not technology).

While playing it, I always wondered where will I end up in the next level.

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Default Re: So... what do you dislike of SS2?

Well yeah, if there's one vehicle I want to see return (aside from a drivable helicopter) is the Rolling Ball. If it will ever return, I hope they will make a "They see me rollin', they hatin' " joke.
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Default Re: So... what do you dislike of SS2?

Originally Posted by Solais View Post
I hope they will make a "They see me rollin', they hatin' " joke.
hahahaha epic
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