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Post Using a generic controller with Serious Sam HD

Serious Sam HD supports XBOX360 controllers, but not the older DirectInput standard - if we want to use such a "generic" controller with SSHD, we need an emulator.

I use the one from

-Download the most recent x360ce.App package, and extract the exe into an empty folder; don't bother with the xinput packages, the exe can generate one.

-Run x360ce.exe; on the first run, you will get messageboxes asking whether you want to generate a new x360ce.ini, and a new xinput1_3.dll; click "Yes" to both

-You should see a windows similar to the one in the attachment.
(If the status at bottom of the window shows a DirectX error, you need to reinstall DirectX - I recommend downloading the full install package (not the web installer) directly from Microsoft (not any dodgy third-party site); I had to do that on my old computer, but on my current machine, it was not necessary)

At the top, you have tabs to select which virtual controller to configure, general options, etc.
At the bottom, the already menationed status bar.
And in the middle, the important part: the configuration of the currently selected controller.

Note that it is already partially configured - which is more annoying than helpful.
(Seriously, Inverted Axis 6 assigned to Left Trigger? The G13 doesn't even have that axis! and it defaults to 50%, too - so if we leave that in, the trigger will always be pressed!)
Start by setting everything you want to leave inactive to "empty", then assign sane bindings.

You can configure up to four controllers, but only one of them can be used by SSHD; selection happens automatically (!) at load time, that is, if you start the game with at least one configured controller attached, or when you attach one while the game is running.
Switching to another controller appears to be impossible - if you want to use another one, you have to exit and re-start the game (and possibly unplug the "wrong" controller).

But I got slightly ahead of myself there...

-When you are happy with your configuration, click "Save" and exit the utility.

-Copy xinput1_3.dll and x360ce.ini into the program directory; for example, the default directory for Second Encounter HD on Windows 7 x64 is:
C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\serious sam hd the first encounter\Bin

-Start the game, and test whether the controller works as expected.

Finally, a warning: Some controllers appear to work fine in the configuration utility, but cause issues in actual use - I have an old flightstick that will crash the game if I plug it in.
(Mereley having it configured, but not connected, is harmless.)

Some experimentation may be required - if you discover anything that may be useful, please post it here.
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Default Re: Using a generic controller with Serious Sam HD

Now i can use my Impact controller. THANKS!!!!
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Default Re: Using a generic controller with Serious Sam HD

Thanks for posting this.
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Default Re: Using a generic controller with Serious Sam HD

Very nice. Stickie'd.
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Default Re: Using a generic controller with Serious Sam HD

That's a very good guide. ^^
Now we have to wait for SS3 guide.
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Default Re: Using a generic controller with Serious Sam HD

I followed this guide but could not get my Cheap-Ass Gamepad to work with SS3.

So I followed the following guide and now my Controller works like a charm !

To all having Controller problems, first follow AMX's guide, if that does not work then follow the SteamForums guide.
We want a Retail release for SS 3 : BFE !

Thanks a LOT Valerie Valens !
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Default Re: Using a generic controller with Serious Sam HD

Cool ^)
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