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Lava Golem
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Default What is THE 1 game to buy in steam sale?

I have $18 in steam credit (still fromn building up Bday money and selling trading cards).
I was wondering, what is THE one game you would suggest I buy with my money on PC through steam?

I love Tomb Raider games (have them all), TESO, all fast paced fps games (but I dont like dying every 2 seconds, and I dont like the whole dying and you start over again).
I love Mafia games.
I 'like' stealth to a degree, but if its 'you peek around a corner and a guy sees you from 2 miles away and all of a sudden the whole camp knows you are there, yeah, thats not for me.
I love racing games, and have most of them, but more arcady style. I do NOT like sims, even in racing games. Especially not in racing games.
I love a great story, but if thats all it is then I wont play it because I want action in my games. I dont want to 'watch' a game like a movie.
I also really like games that are a bit different, like Psychonauts and Depth, which I never would have thought I would have liked the games, but its the uniqueness, the 'I have NEVER seen anything like this in a game before' feeling.
I like different locals, be it fake or real, like multiple settings, like SS:TSE.
I also LOVE platforming.
I HATE when the game takes control away from you.
I hate when games put limitations on the player (2 guns only, carry 10 items only in your bag) UNLESS it is part of the integral gameplay that is fresh and new.
I also like the familiar. Like, I was thinking about getting Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning, because it reminds me a lot about both The Witcher and TESO.
And, I like wacky and weird also. Psychonauts, Dead Rising, Saints row 2/3/4, SS double D gun stacking rocked, Oddworld, Rise of the Triad, Shogo, XIII, etc
And no pixel games. I absolutely hate pixel games. The old old old games I love, I get the HD pack for it to play. And the new 'made pixel on purpose' I just cant stand.
I also dont like top down games, with only a couple exceptions.
I hated DeusX, and disliked SystemShock SEVERLY (but, I loved Bioshock 1 and 2).

No spooky games, I already have a lot still to play.

So, knowing that, what would YOU suggest I get for my (limited) money (if its a GREAT game, I dont care if its older, but it HAS to be able to let me reset my keybindings to ANYTHING on the KB and Mouse I want, or its a deal breaker).

I know its not a lot of money, but most games people really really love have already been released long ago, so I think my chances are good. Even back to 2013 I am seeing games at $5 to $17

Thanks a LOT.

I know there will be games suggested that I already own, but thats ok.
If its a must play, then say so.

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Lava Golem
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Default Re: What is THE 1 game to buy in steam sale?

I just saw Yakuza 0.
It looks pretty darn good!
Something I havent ever played before, different locals, weird dtuff to do (bowling and Darts in a video game? Awsesome!).
Its pre-order though, and doesnt come out until august 1st.
Has anyone played that game before?
Is it worth it to pre-order?
Is it GOOD?
They say this is the 1st time its being out on pc, so was the controls on the (I am guessing PS game?) any good?
Has anyone played it already, in beta, or anything?
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Lava Golem
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Default Re: What is THE 1 game to buy in steam sale?

Well, the sale ends in a couple days, so if you want to get in on this, please answer now.
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