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Default Re: What annoys you about music?

1. Pop music.
2. Vocal music. Lyrics always (well, 99.999% of the time) ruin the melody.

Originally Posted by Xaositect_Crayon View Post
The 12 TET:
This is the least horrible of the four horsemen. But it's also the most insidious because it's so big it blots out the sun. Considering microtonal and atonal music a novelty or a niche interest is a horror that has been going on so long (since, admittedly, before the 12 TET even existed*) that noone knows it's wrong. There are infinity of notes at your disposal between B and C and most people can't wrap their mind around it. That's why I want an Oud.
Oh and this last one doesn't mean I don't listen to music with standard notation. Only that the standard notation is so huge that outside of middle eastern music you're looked at liking that "weird music".

*The 12 TET before the 12 TET was called the Pythagorean scale. It's kind of what the 12 TET is based on. I don't remember anything about it though.
What the hell? First of all, get your music theory straight. 12 TET is a tuning system while Pythagorean scale is a set of scales based on Pythagorean tuning. Both tuning systems are rather different and 12 TET is rather modern. I'm pretty sure it was non-existent before Bach's Well-Tempered Clavier and some time after. Most music of that time used just intonation. It became popular because it sounds good in all scales and allows composers to do modulations into distant keys without much dissonance.

Also, Wikipedia says that the average perceptible difference is around 10 cents so there are actually about 10 notes inside minor second that human can perceive.

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Default Re: What annoys you about music?

well that was written, years ago and all I did was edit at the cursing. I probably read something about it and misunderstood the difference. Still the point basically stands that that microtonal music is considered a pretty big deviation from the norm.
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