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Default Serious Sam II filetypes

I have made a list of all filetypes of Serious Sam II, and their locations.

[extension], [Content\SeriousSam2\location], [description]

.ans, \Models, Animations file
.bmf, \Models, Mesh file (?)
.cb , \Databases\Behaviors, Enemy or NPC behavior database
.cfg, \Config, Configuration file
.crt, \Movies, Credits file
.ctl, \Databases\Tools, Entity property file
.dat, \PlayerProfiles, Profile data file
.dem, \Demos, A demo file
.dsc, \Models\Player or \Levels, Description file (either for a mp model or for a map)
.ep , \Databases, Generic database file
.fnt, \Fonts, A font file
.ini, \, Serious Sam 2 settings file
.lfx, \Effects\Flares, Flare effect file
.mac, \Levels, Macro code
.mas, \Misc\MovingAnimationSchemes or \Models, Scheme file (?)
.mat, \Databases\Materials, Material database
.mch, \Misc\Mechanics or \Models, AI mechanics file (?)
.mdl, \Models, Model file
.mtr, \Materials or \Models, Material file (yes, that includes the barrier, aka invisible wall)
.nfo, \Demos or \Levels or \Vibro or \Models\Player or \PlayerProfiles, Info file (stores things like thumbnails for a certain save, map or episode)
.ogg, \Music or \Sound, Music or Quotes
.ogv, \Movies, A cutscene (playable in WMP if you have the right codec)
.pfx, \Effects, Generic effect file
.pss, \Misc\CharacterSpines, Spines data (used for ragdoll?)
.rsc, \Databases or \Menus or \Models\Enemies, Menu or database file
.sav, \PlayerProfiles, A savegame
.sca, \Misc\AnimationSchemes, Animation scheme file
.scs, \Sounds or \Models\Player\Schemes, (?) <---- need help here
.sfc, \Misc\SpawnEffectConfigurations, Configuration file for spawn effects
.skl, \Models, Skeleton file (used for ragdoll?)
.srt, \Movies, Subtitle file (for cutscenes)
.tex, \Levels or \Models\Player or \Textures, Texture file
.tfx, \Misc\TextEffects, A text-effect file
.txt, \PlayerProfiles, used to store the profile name
.wav, \Effect\Materials or \Music\Nettie or \Sounds, Every other audio file remaining (e.g. weapons, explosions, a few quotes, etc.)
.wld, \Levels, A map
.wld.preload, \Levels, Tells the engine what files to load for a certain map
.vfx, \Vibro\Xbox, Something for the xbox controller to serve as a vibrator

And that's that. Note that there were a total 13.011 files found (which includes folders) by Windows :|
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Nice work!
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To bad 99.9% of those are metafiles that are of no real use except to hexedit or swap.
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