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Cool 6 Console Command Cheats

For each command invoke console by pressing ~ then the following:
please giveall - all weapons except serious bomb
please killall - it activates but im not sure if it works
please god - god mode
please refresh - full ammo
please invisible - invisible mode
please ghost - ghost mode
please fly = fly mode
please tellall - all messages available
please open = opens any locked door(must put crosshairs on door when code is typed)
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Default Re: Serious Sam II Console Commands

Those cheats are for Serious Sam: The Second Encounter, not Serious Sam 2
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Default Re: Serious Sam II Console Commands

Those are for Serious Sam: The Second Encounter, which is not Serious Sam II.
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Default Re: Serious Sam II Console Commands

You and Spoon are always fighting to post something.
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Default Re: Serious Sam II Console Commands

Has anyone had experience with using the "support for mult-core in physics solver" that was added in patch 2.068?

Alen Ladavic explained it in post #20 on this page of the Patch 2.068 thread:

"thr_iMaxWorkerThreads is the console command controlling the maximum number of worker threads. If you set it to e.g. 2, it will use 2 threads where applicable.

Note these details:
- The cvar is set to 1 by default, because this feature is still experimental. If you enable this, you might have some crashes. If you do, and if you are able to reproduce the problem, please PM me with detailed description of how to reproduce this and on which hw.
- Even when set to a larger number, the system will adapt to the number of (logical) CPUs. So if you have only one cpu, this doesn't make a difference.
- This only changes the behavior of the physics solver, as that's the only place where MT is implemented.
- On specific stress-test levels, we were able to see perfromance improvement of almost 100%, but the Sam2 game was largely simplified physics-wise to help performance, so it is unlikely that you will observe any significant improvements in regular game levels. However, if you manage to find a situation in the game where this is visible, please PM me, I'd like to know.
- It makes no sense setting it higher than 2 atm, at least for all test scenes that we tried."

Since multi-core processors are pretty common now, I was wondering.
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Default Re: Serious Sam II Console Commands

Here's an interesting console command:


It adds the cheat shortcut keys to your player controls menu (they're in blue). You can customomize them if you want.
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