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Default Serious Engine 2 MOD Project

Note: This has also been posted in the coding section just in case. If I should not have done this please delete the one in the coding section as this one is probably more important.

Hi everyone,

Since graduating this year and starting work I am looking to start a long-term modding project and have fallen in love with the Serious Engine 2. Now I wish to develop a MOD based loosely on Team Fortress but without making it just a clone by taking advantage of what the engine has to offer as well as new gameplay ideas. This would mean class/team based play, strong clan match capabilities (as well as great freestyle support), various game modes (CTF, VIP, etc..) and more. I won't go into too much detail here for risk of boring you =)....

Once the SDK is out I will be looking into it in some detail (I am a professional software engineer in case any of you think i'm some sort of n00b starting a SUPAR!!1111 mod.. lol) I realise that the idea I have for the mod needs a lot of refining and although the complete SDK isn't out yet, there is still a lot we could do in the meantime with the Serious Editor. Being a strong programmer I could take on a leading development role as well as overall team management but I would still need a strong team if this is going to work.

If you are interested in such a MOD and want to work as part of a dedicated team in your spare time please e-mail me at and I will be looking forward to hearing from you. I may also have the money to licence the Serious Engine 2 if we were to make a really good job of it and we may even be able to take it further (but I'm probably getting ahead of myself here!). Basically I want to start a project to get a fun and enjoyable multiplayer game put together, as I strongly feel that the fun is all but gone out of many of the games of today.

I'm a pretty chatty guy so if you want to chat about my idea like I said you can email me (address above) or MSN me (my username is said address) or ICQ me at 85668646. I'm pretty excited about what Serious Engine 2 and its editor could do and I have been waiting for a good engine to come along at the right time. I'm not familiar with the community here but I'm sure like many other game communities there are many talented developers out there and it is you guys I'm calling out to!

I look forward to hearing from you.


Robert Harwood
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Hmm... I have also wanted to make a mod with class play to SS2. Maybe i can join as a mapper.
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Yeah, I could join as a mapper too. I could also do really crazy Macro scripts if you like

But anyway, about the SDK.. It probably won't be posted on the filesystem like the SDK for SS:FE / SE. Instead, modders/mod teams will have to ask CT for it. Once you have a team to start with, I suggest you send a mail to Alen Ladavac with the details. He'll probably be able to help you

edit: In case you're wondering what "really crazy Macro scripts" means.. I made a reasonably well working CTF mode in Macro
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Rob is a nice guy, he is still new to the SED2 so it will require some explaining to him how it works. Anyway, we mappers can be used as modelers too . (Just simple models such as guns .)
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