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Serious Sam HD Discuss anything and everything about Serious Sam HD, the official remake of SS:FE on Serious Engine 3.

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Default The "Bug-Me" Thread: Your Questions for Croteam

Hey all. I'm opening this thread for all the questions you might have for CT. I don't know how good it will work, but lets see.

There are couple of rules. First and most important, post only questions or comments related to the CT's answer, to keep this topic clean. So, no comments that are not either question, or directly related to CT's post.
And if everything goes ok, maybe we can get some answers from CT.

List of questions for Croteam (updated August 26th, 2009):

Not Answered

[SE3/SS3] With DX11 around the corner, will Serious Engine 3 take advantage of the extended possibilities of DX11 and DX10? And if so, will it be used in SS3 on PCs where the hardware supports DX10 and DX11?
[SS3] Have you guys from Croteam read the giant list of suggestions we made for SS3? Anything on the list you are not planning on implementing?
[SS3] Will the Cannon be back in SS3? And if so, will it make that awesome room-shaking roar like in the SS1 games?
[Modding/Mapping] Will it be possible to further customize custom maps in SS3 (and SSHD) with custom weapons and player models?
[SS3] Will there be Simba Dolls in SS3?
[SS3] Will SS3 be a full length game or will it be released in shorter episodes like SS1?
[SS3] Will SS3 return to the human cultures for its levels (SE took place in S-America, Babylonia and Europe fx.)? And if so, which cultures will Sam explore in SS3?
[SS3] Will SS3 have secret levels? If so, how many and how hard will they be to find?
[SS3] Will the sound effects in Serious Sam 3 be more bassy and powerful than in Serious Sam 2 (namely explosion & weapon sounds)?
[SSHD] Will the SS1 music be remastered and/or re-encoded for better sound quality in SS:HD? (ogg vorbis has come a long way since 2001)
[SE3] How well does the engine scale hardware wise? Can a computer that ran SS2 on high settings run SS3?
[SSHD] Will there be a demo of Serious Sam HD?
[SSHD/SS3] Will Damjan Mravunac return as the music composer for the upcoming Sam games?
[SSHD] Is the XBLA version of SS:HD going to have splitscreen co-op like the XBOX version of Serious Sam? And if so, how many?
[Modding/Mapping] Will SED3 have primitive geometry tool, to quick making basic levels topology, like SED1, UnrealED or Valve Hammer?
[Modding/Mapping] Will SED3 have support 3ds max mesh export?
[Modding/Mapping] Will the engine have features like model swivel points and jigglebones that can be used in the editor app?
[SE3] Will the engine be able to employ distance occlusion and only display certain objects when they are a certain distance to the player/camera? If that is so, then it leaves the opportunity open to theoretically create vast plains as large as a whole country.
[SSHD/SS3] Will the games on the new engine support automatic content downloads if the server happened to run a custom map, or if a player with a custom model is joined to the game?
[SSHD/SS3] Will it be possible to alter the weapon parameters (Bullet-spread, recoil, ammo ratio, damage ratio etc) server-side?
[SSHD] Will SS:HD be ported to Linux so ungrateful Linux users such as myself can continue to delude ourselves that our platform is not important outside of graphic workstations, render farms, and web servers?
[SSHD/SS3] Will there be any improvements to the server browser interface, say a chat lobby with a list of players?
[SSHD/SS3] In the editor, will there be an option to automatically pack levels into .gro files? SS2 had this, but as far as I can tell, it required additional tools to work, and didn't work perfectly.
[SSHD/SS3] Are chapters still used?
[SSHD] How will SSHD deal with the differences in controls between XBLA and PC - controller vs mouse+keyboard? Will enemy movement patterns be different between XBLA and PC to make it easier on consoles?
[SSHD] Will there be any new gameplay modes like TeamDeathMatch, Instagib and so on?
[SSHD] How much gameplay has changed? Will it still work good for DeathMatch, like in original FE&SE?
[SSHD] Will you still keep scorematch?
[SSHD] There is only one DM map in FE, is there gonna be some new ones in HD Sam?
[SSHD] How about SE HD, any new DM maps in there?
[SSHD] Will fragmatch still be so crazy as it was in SSSE, not boring like in SS2 (i'm talking about running speed, jumping, navigation/gravity specifics while you're in the air)
[SS3] How fast does Sam run in Serious Sam III? How fast are most of the enemy projectiles?
[SSHD] Will Serious Editor 3 be packaged with the game or will it be bundled with a patch? If not, will there be a public beta of the editor so fans can get a look at it and give feedback?
[SS3] Will we get a chance to hear some rockin' heavy metal tunes during boss/massive battles like in SS1?
[SS3] Would you all consider having a contest for Serious Sam fans where people would submit enemy/weapon/environment ideas and the best enemy/weapon/environment designed by fans would be worked into SS3?
[SS3] Will there be something new in Serious Sam 3? I appreciate all the run and gun gameplay Serious Sam has, but it can use something new...maybe more interactive world/environment. To Sam can do some melee tricks, alternative ammo for weapons, alternative fire mode for weapons, more weapons, and totally weird/crazy/wacky enemies/ideas. Basically stuff like that, Sam should expand more.
[SSHD] Will you add some competitive things like a score board that shows everyone's stats of how many kills, secrets, power up pickup, etc. are found/done in co-op mode?
[SSHD] First and Second Encounter had many broken triggers which resulted an incorrect maximum killcount and secret values. Will these be fixed?
[SS3] Will Netricsa appear in SS3 as a 3D model or as a 2D picture like in SS2?

Partly Answered?

[Modding/Mapping] Will SS3 have more macro functions? Or will SS3 retain the same macro commands from SS2?


For the answered questions go HERE

My Art Thread: link
UDK map - Yakushi-ji Temple wip
My portflio:

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