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Default Baumkuchens showcase

Hey there,

im absolutely new to mapping but quite ambitious to create some cool maps
i only create maps for first/second encounter classic

have a look at my first map "the golden jaguar"

give me some feedback
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Default Re: Baumkuchens showcase

Must admit those maps look cool (or if all the screens are from one map, the map looks cool)!

Will give a try, once I do, I'll be back here

EDIT: Maybe I'm like a nub, but I feel you get really surrounded of enemies, specially in the valley and in the moving pillars room, and it makes it difficult to kill 'em all (Metallica's TM) with a thompson gun.

Otherwise, I really enjoyed the architecture and how you made this map, if this is your first map ever, damn, it's good!

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Default Re: Baumkuchens showcase

The second shot looks great, third shot is too small to really tell how detailed it (the fight looks interesting) is and I have some feedback for the first shot. First, I don't know if it's intentional, but the fire holder looks way too big and the fire stretched. Second, the lighting looks a bit bland to me. Try playing with colors, add some point lights at the source of the fire with golden orange color. That way there's "spots" of lighting. Uniform lighting looks bland, and areas of different brightness/color look great, as long as the colors aren't too extreme. Another great way of making things look interesting is making a high ceiling, and make the light not reach all the way to the top so the ceiling is dark. A perfect example of great lighting is the starting area of Courtyards of Gilgamesh (heck, all the interior areas of that level reek of atmosphere).

I think this has great potential, but proper lighting is often overlooked and adds a whole new dimension of atmosphere. The third shot has a hint of this.

Edit: After looking again at the second shot, you may not want to tile the same wall texture 3 times. You can select polygons and use ctrl+x to cut them. That way you can use different textures on the same wall, adding an illusion of detail.
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Default Re: Baumkuchens showcase

Welcome to classic mappers club!
It looks intersting.
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Default Re: Baumkuchens showcase

thanks for all the feedback

yes this is my first map ever, i started out in the first room with the total basics (took me about 2 weeks to get an enemy spawner work ) then i just kept on going and adding more to the level and this is what came out...

the map was designed for two player coop (cause thats why i started mapping anyway, my girlfriend and i love the SS classics and we needed new maps), so maybe this is why you have trouble playing it alone, but i have played it alone without dying so its possible

in the moving pillar room, i suggest a combination of tommygun and flamethrower.

i will definitely try to adjust the difficulty better in my next map, you are right

discy, the fireholder is supposed to look that ways, its an altar, where this huge flame comes out, and you also get the flamethrower in front of it
but i like what you say about improving that room, thank you for your ideas. will think about it in future maps

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