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Serious Sam 4 The place to talk about Croteam's next title: Serious Sam 4! What do you know? What do you hope to see in the next Sam game?

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Night Sparrow
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Default I have an idea of where SS4 will take place

So, there's been a bunch of discussion on where Serious Sam 4 will take place, as well as people wishing Croteam would release screenshots. Thing is, though, I believe Croteam has already given out a preview of SS4 already, it's just that it went under the radar for most people.

See, a bit more than a year ago, around the time Jewel of the Nile was released, Croteam added a number of Survival and Versus maps to SS3, completely free of charge. Of these maps, two of them use assets that are vastly different from anything else seen in SS3. These maps are Villa (Survival), and Fiaca (Versus). Villa takes place in a courtyard (assumably in a villa, hence the name), and Fiaca takes place in the middle of a city, within a small labyrinthine maze of civilian streets. If you're wanting to take a look at these maps yourself, they're part of your Serious Sam 3 installation (assuming you own the game and have been keeping it up-to-date), so you can just load up the game, select the appropriate gamemode, and select the map from there (you can always make a private, 1-player server).

What does this have to do with SS4? Well, I don't believe these maps would exist if Croteam didn't already have the assets availible to them. I mean, they're working on a new game with new assets; it wouldn't make sense if they made these assets specifically for SS3, especially since they're essentially free content to anyone who owns the game. However, if these assets were made in the process of making SS4, then it'd be a simple matter to port the assets to SS3 to construct the maps. And this is where my theory comes in: These assets are from Serious Sam 4.

Now, not only do these assets tell us what SS4 might look like, they give us the setting as well, as Croteam was kind enough to give us a location in the filepath these assets are stored in:
Dalmatia, huh? Sounds like a place that might exist. A quick Google search comes up with this:
Dalmatia is a region of... Croatia, as it'd turn out. Comparing the assets to pictures of these areas confirms that the assets are based off of the archetecture in certain parts of that region. In fact, one of the models is essentially a landmark:
It's a model of a mountain, which can be seen in the skybox of the "Villa" map... and guess what mountain exists in Croatia!:

So yeah, chances are, in Serious Sam 4, we're gonna be able to stop by Croteam's workplace for a real developer secret.


Of course, this is only a theory. There's a chance the assets in those two maps are either scrapped assets they wanted to implement somewhere, assets from another project entirely, or they truely did make the assets specifically for SS3 (which would boggle my mind so hard). As well, games in development are very prone to change. And even if this theory is correct, there's nothing saying the entire game will take place in Croatia.
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Oh Long Johnson
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Default Re: I have an idea of where SS4 will take place

huh,didnt think of it. thats a pretty interesting find there.
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Default Re: I have an idea of where SS4 will take place

Actually, seeing how they are in the "Prototype" folder, and how they made the unreleased techtest level into a Versus map as well, I'd say that these assets were actually made for the prototype and engine showcase of Serious Sam 3.

EDIT: You can notice that Statue there from the Villa level, also UnfinishedComplex and SS3's Little trouble in SSHD.
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Exclamation Re: I have an idea of where SS4 will take place

I posted about this a year ago, but I can post it again and add a few more details.

I happen to live in Dalmatia in a small town beneath Biokovo. The part of Biokovo we can see in the map is just above my hometown.

The church tower and the building are located in nearby town of Makarska and it is a part of a Franciscan monastery:

The problem with your theory Ryason is that Croteam showcased it's Serious Engine 3 technology long before SSHD came out (remember those pictures from a Croatian gaming magazine). Among those few pictures were also pictures of few Dalmatian towns/streets recreated in SE3. It's is possible that they just reused those assets to make these maps.

But then again, they could go a step further and just reuse those assets in SS4 and place SS4 here. Even if they would go with the time traveling theme again there is a lot of ancient architecture in Dalmatia and it could fit the theme... greco-roman style.
But I doubt it.

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Oh Long Johnson
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Default Re: I have an idea of where SS4 will take place

You guys really research these stuff good. i wonder where will SS4 be...
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Finzy Corp. CEO
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Default Re: I have an idea of where SS4 will take place

I think they were just tech demo assets to show off the new engine in general. There is the "Unfinished Complex" level too which was shown in a tech demo video of SE3 a long time before the release of SS3, yet it's vastly different from the stock SS3 maps.
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Just-a chillin'....
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Default Re: I have an idea of where SS4 will take place

Yeah Solais and Finzy got it pretty much. Kind of glad that it is more likely to be demo assets. Those levels aren't that original looking!

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Default Re: I have an idea of where SS4 will take place

Nice finds! Never tought about this that much...
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