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Default Serious sam HD update released!

A new Serious Sam HD TSE update released.
The update includes:

- Voice chat now works again. It stopped working after Steam codec was changed from Speex to Silk, due to different traffic requirements and packet sizes.
- Increased max client inbound bps default to 12000 and max client outbound bps to 10000 (needed for increased voice traffic).
- Added barriers on Fortress level to close windows from which player could fall out of level.
- Prevented falling through floor that was possible by jump-crouching at low framerates.
- Fixed crash when Ugh Zan appears in network.
- Prevented super-fast Laser firing when quickly pressing/releasing the fire button.
- Player models now have ragdolls (e.g. when killed in versus).
- Added blood sound to player's destruction so it is heard when player is gibbed.
- Grenade launcher item model now uses the same scheme (sound, particles) as all other weapons.
- New Versus map: ShottyTrouble. It is same as LittleTrouble but with double shotgun's only
- Prevented scripts starting during warmup, which caused sniper never to spawn on Jump Over versus map.
- Sniper weapon hint will not be shown in versus.
- Player will always be able to pick up health and armor in Versus modes.
- Fixed problem with sounds repeatedly played from trigger heard only once on client.
- "Match is tied" announcement was never played.
- Item disabling game options now work in deathmatch games.
- Sniper mask didn't get rendered if weapon rendering is disabled.
- View bobbing option now also affects weapon bobbing.
- Serious damage item will be hidden during the first 120 seconds of the game.
- Sniper now deals 80 damage without scope and 160 damage with scope in deathmatch games.
- Grenade launcher now deals 100 damage on direct hit (40 direct + 60 range) in deathmatch.
- Added safeguard to re-award previously earned achievements, in case Steam didn't register them.
- Fixed bug in life awarding on score: if you reached exactly the same score as the life awarding milestone, then you would never receive score for that milestone.
- Picking up armor which is not needed (happens in deathmatch) should not decrease current armor.
- Added timeout to server list queries, since they sometimes take a very long time.
- Fixed voice options not properly being set from cvars when starting.
- Fixed the chat console cursor which incrementally floated away from the text with each successive text line.
- Fixed the chat console input string corruption that happens when the last character is cut because it contains more bytes then it fits the string buffer maximum size.
- Updated string wrapper in the chat console to work with unicode strings.
- Fixed potential crash when canceling matchmaking queries.
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Default Re: Serious sam HD update released!

Looks like a good patch, thanks CT. Now we can finally finish our coin op marathon sometime with the Ugh Zan crash fixed. The versus changes sound great too.
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Default Re: Serious sam HD update released!

It's good, but not good enough. After The Great Pyramid Sierra the Chiapas should come.
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While I do work for Croteam, I'm first of all of this community, so my opinions are my own and do not represent Croteam's views.
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Default Re: Serious sam HD update released!

Thanks Croteam, for Ugh Zan fix. My Fusion server is so much better!
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Lightbulb Re: Serious sam HD update released!

There is still 1 critical bug and a few other minor things to be looked into.7

- Serious Damage spawn modification has caused a new bug which prevents it from ever being dropped by fragged players.

- Kleer Kenny character still has no gibbing sound.

- You can still fall through surfaces while falling from a 4-5m distance, and crouching apon hitting the ground.

- Remove realoding for dual colts in versus.

- Trouble setting up dedserver to run maps from BOTH TFE and TSE folders in succession. Apparently only 1 map list can be run at a time.

Apart from that, I really think the game is close to perfect.
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