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Default Little switch and moving brush problem

I want a switch to target a brush, and that brush to target brush1. Can't change the moving brush's target or it won't move. Then I just set brush1's switch to brush. No effect. Tried goofing around with some move trigger thing for brush's paths, but same old nothing.
Can't get this simple thing working.
brush is a like a button you push in, brush1 is the door that opens when you push it in.
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Lost out there!
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A number of ways to do this.

1. Use two triggers. The switch to target the 1st trigger. The first trigger to target MB that is the switch and the second trigger. Put a delay on the second trigger. Have the second trigger target the second MB.

2. Use the trigger event on one of the MB markers to target the second MB, make sure you set the event type.

3. If you just want both MB to move without any delays you only need one trigger. have the switch target the trigger. The trigger target both MB's.

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I figured this out about a minute after I posted.
But nothing I tried with a trigger ever worked.
I was wondering what all them condition things mean in triggering things. I know what don't send event is. But to me "Start Event" and "Trigger Event" sound the same to me even though trigger event was the only thing that made it work. I don't have a clue what any of them conditions do. Half-life had simple conditions i could figure out just by knowing the name. If it said death, it was triggered when a monster died. I don't know how to use any of the conditions in serious sam.

Also is it possible to delete your own threads on this forum?
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Bah! Simply let Fiendian and VIS ((oops! i mean disconnector) post a bit here and this thread will be worth that you hit the new thread button.
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Hey ladies
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Now we need to wait for Disconnector...

On more on-topic notes, I didnīt know about this tactic Nifran Tay, cool that Hello asked this, now I can make a elevator with door.

4: The level shows the elevator has itīs doors open. When you step into the elevator, the levelīs finished. The next level starts inside this elevator but now the doors are closed.

Thereīs also the
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