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Anytime I try to quicksave, manual save, or even if the game tries to auto-save (upon completion of a level), the game FREEZES if Sam happens to be in a vehicle at the time.

Occasionally, while in a hovercraft of some kind, I MIGHT get lucky and a QuickSave or Manual Save WON'T cause the game to lock up and freeze, but I now make sure to jump out of the vehicle before saving to be safe. However, this failsafe option is not possible in chopper levels, like Hugo or the custom maps where a chopper fight is the whole of the level.

This really blows because I am STUCK on the custom map level of Detective Sam 2, and I cannot get past the chopper combat level! The stupid game keeps freezing after ANY attempt to save, or even utilize game cheats, or trying to execute other menu commands (like reloading the same or another level, or saved game).

The only way out of these lock-ups & freezes, is to launch the Task Manager and kill the Sam2.exe process.

In my CD-ROM installation, if the game freezes while an auto-save is initiated and trying to load the next level, I can usually load the game again from the QuickSave (as the game will have successfully updated the save data to begin at the next level), but doing so in the Steam install just starts me from *my* last Quicksave.

Unless it is some Auto-Save option that my CDROM install has, which the Steam install does not?

I thought (hoped) it was just a quirky little bug in my CD-ROM copy's installation, but even playing in the Steam-installed version, it is happening.

HOW DO I FIX THIS? Why does it do this in the first place?


~ W
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Which version of the game are you running? Also can you post the content of Sam2.log located in the installation directory?
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