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Serious Sam Classic Mods General mod discussion for Serious Sam 1 goes in this forum, also any tutorials/tutorial requests that have not been added to Serious Sam Wiki yet.

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Default Serious Sam: Modifier Encounter Mod

Serious Sam: Modifier Encounter Mod - game modification on Serious Engine 1.10 which expands the game in the multiplayer.

Short description:
Game modification adds more modificators and features for multiplayer. You can turn on strengthened enemies (Named as Eximus), you can drop ammo/weapon for more coop playing, throw knife, change player settings, upgrade weapons and more.

-Version 1.0 Release-

1. You can remove more items from map.
- Added more options for item removing. You can remove backpacks, ammo, weapons, powerups from map now!

2. Case mode with random content.
- You can replace ammo, weapons, powerups, health (Exception: pills) and armor (Exceptions: Shields and Helmets) items on case with random ammount.
- Weapon and ammo cases splitted on subtypes: usual and explosive. So, all explosive ammo and weapons replaces on explosives cases.
- You can option case content. Remove unnecessary ammo type or weapon.
- Content, usually, completely random. You can get 1 health or 100 health from case...But, if you want, you can make fixed ammo content, i.e. you never gets less than 10 shells from case for example.

3. Eximus Enemies
- Eximus - Enhanced version of the enemy, which has increased health and some abilities
- More description about eximus will be soon. I need write about all skills of enemies. Just wait a link
- All enemies has three levels of difficulty. With each level their abilities increasing and they become much more dangerous. For example: Arctic eximus can create ice sphere, which protects him from distant damage on second level. He has speed decreasing aura on first level.
- The 3-tier level system is only temporary. Soon more levels will be added!
- You can option eximus spawning chance, difficulty (Easy/Normal/Hard/Random) and modify spawning mask (Exclude any type from spawn).

4. You can modify backpack content.
- 50% + Random 0-50% from content.

5. Save weapons after dying if you fallen into spike pit or teleported on checkpoint.
- In addition you can remove ammo on start or take all weapons on start

6. Knife throwing
- Yep, you really can throw your knife. It's rotates, sticks and very painfully beats enemies
- You can option max amount of knife in your inventory.

7. And many small gameplay features (Deathmatch bomb, dropping powerups after die).

In addition you can find buffs and debuffs feature. So far, there is only one buff - x5 resistance). Debuffs can be obtained from enemies (Damage inflicting for example). Moreover, you can notice that hud has enemy info panel (Name, eximus type and level, health bar). Withal all players can drop their ammo and weapons! Now you can share ammo with your teammates!
- Weapon drop: Press "G".
- Ammo drop: Hold "V" and select the desired ammo with mouse wheel and next press "G" while still holding "V"

-Version 1.1-

1. Eximus max level has been increased from 3 to 30.
- All abilities is now depends from: +1 skill per 10 levels!
- Intermediate levels increases power of abilities.
- Eximus enemies can have 4 max abilities instead of 3 max abilities.

2. Added more options for eximus mode.
- You can option min and max level of spawning eximus. MOAR random!

3. Fix for thrown knife.
- You can't kill yourself or your teammate if you threw it under legs.

4. You can pickup your knife after the throw!

5. Case minimum mode modifier
- It allows you to make sure that the health or armor cases give you at least 10 units

6. You can modify player health, armor, speed multiplier

7. Level scripts (.lvlscr).
- This is really cool feature which modify your level without editor and game restart.
- This scripts created for "Extra power-ups" modifier and have TFE keys fix function.
- Extrapowerup function:

SetExtraPowerUp(id, x, y, z, Heading, Pitch, Banking, Oscillation, Particles, Flare);
id - Integer, powerup type.
x,y,z - Float, placement coords.
Heading, Pitch, Banking - Float, Item rotation.
Oscillation - Integer, oscillation type.
Particles и Flare - Integer (as boolean). Turn on/off particles and flare for item

- TFE keys fix.

If key have type < 15 then increase type on 15. 0-14 - TSE Keys, but added TFE keys. We must replace it on our new keys!

8. "No serious damage for bosses" modifier.
- Turn off serious damage bonus for boss enemies.

9. "Rocketjump mode" modifier.
- Turn off explosion self damage. You can even make grenadejump!

10. Unfinished modifier "Ultra-Hard mode".
- So far made increased falling damage and gun weight
- Falling damage works little bit weird, sry

11. Gunpoint mode.
- You can upgrade your weapons! Turn on "Gun Pointing" modifier for this mode!
- If you want to upgrade weapon then you need hold "N" button and select desired weapon with mouse wheel button and next, while holding "N", press Enter!
- Weapon upgrades list:

1) +50% range - 8 GP
2) +25% melee resistance - 10 GP
3) +50% damage - 16 GP
4) Gunpoint magnet - 15m. - 20 GP
5) 27% chance to return knife - 27 GP
6) +25% attack speed - 40 GP
7) Blade of great hero. - 70 GP
- Passive regen to 25% of Top health, when player stands still.
- If player health lower than 25% of TP then player gets attack damage increasing on 20% and he can't be affected by artic eximus aura!
- If player health greater than 100% then player gets speed increasing (+17%)
- Greedy eximus can't disarm you when you hold knife.


1) Double bladed saw - 32 GP


1) +1 capacity - 5 GP
2) Fast reload - 7 GP
3) Increased fire rate - 10 GP
4) +20% damage - 15 GP
5) Elemental bullets [Fire, Ice, Poison, Electic (Antiwalker bullets), Explosive] - 20 GP


1) +10% damage - 7 GP
2) Increased fire rate - 10 GP
3) Scattering reduction - 15 GP
4) +70% multishot (additional pellets - 70% from initial amount) - 20 GP
5) +33% freeshot chance

[Double shotgun]

1) +10% damage - 8 GP
2) Increased fire rate - 12 GP
3) Scattering reduction - 17 GP
4) +90% multishot (additional pellets - 90% from initial amount) - 22 GP
5) +50% chance to spent one shell instead two shells


1) +20% damage - 10 GP
2) 50% doubleshot chance - 15 GP
3) 33% freeshot chance - 20 GP
4) Armor-piercing bullets(penetrates eximus sphere, Pierces armor of metallic eximus) - 25 GP


1) Increased spinup speed - 14 GP
2) +20% damage - 20 GP
3) 33% freeshot chance - 25 GP
4) Armor-piercing bullets(penetrates eximus sphere, Pierces armor of metallic eximus) - 32 GP
5) Two barreled minigun - 42 GP


1) Incrased fire rate- 15 GP
2) +50% to rocket speed - 17 GP
3) Alternate fire mode - 27 GP
- Press Reload button (R or Alt [Default])
- Shoots 4 rockets!
4) Target mode - 37 GP
- Hold right mouse button (USE button) and keep your crosshair on the target for about 1 second before filling the marker
- Shoots guided rockets!
5) Multitarget mode - 50 GP
- Guidance is now done instantly
- You can select 4 targets


1) +50% damage range - 15 GP
2) +20% damage - 17 GP
3) Manual detonation - 27 GP
- You can detonate all grenades in ~50m range when you pressing reload button (R or Alt [Default]).
4) Sticky mode - 37 GP
- Click the middle mouse button to activate this mode.
5) More grenades type - 50 GP
- Press RMB to change grenade type (USE button)
- Including grenade types:
  • Explosive
  • Poison
  • Ice
  • Nullification

Poison - Poisons nearby enemies, creates toxic gas on explosion.
Ice - Slows nearby enemies. A direct hit completely freezes the target for 5 sec.
Nullification- Nullificate eximus enemies (remove power), turn off biomechs, beheaded soldiers and cannons for couple of seconds, temporary turn off magic attacks on some enemies and instantly kills kleers and elementals (Antimagic technologies ). You need have 4 grenades for shot!

And added 3 types in DM mode:
  • Smoke
  • Flashbang grenade
  • Jamming - Debuffs closer players (Jammed weapon debuff). Disarms player on direct hit


1) +70% damage - 12 GP
2) Incrased range - 15 GP
3) Incrased flame size - 20 GP
4) Alternate fire mode - 27 GP
- Press RMB (USE button) for shooting
- You need have 100 napalm ammo for shooting

[Sniper rifle]

1) Armor-piercing bullets - 15 GP
2) No scattering, damage equals to aiming damage - 20 GP
3) +50% damage - 30 GP
4) Increased fire rate - 45 GP


1) Increased laser speed - 14 GP
2) Increased fire rate - 20 GP
3) +50% damage - 25 GP
4) 25% chance to ignite - 32 GP
5) Alternate fire mode - 45 GP
- Press RMB (USE button) to shoot
- Four-barreled shooting
- Shoots yellow projectile
- You need have 14 energy cells for shooting

[SBC Cannon]

1) +50% cannon ball explosion range - 15 GP
2) +50% cannon ball explosion damage - 25 GP
3) Increased fire rate (Faster charging shot) - 37 GP
4) Shrapnell ball - 50 GP
- Creates many bombs on cannon ball explosion

- "Gun Pointing - Once mode" modifier. Only one player can take gun point!
- "Gun Pointing - Boss 100%" modifier. 100% chance to drop gunpoints if this is boss enemy (default: 50% chance).
- "Gun Pointing - Farm Difficulty". Option for gun point drop chances. Range of chance from high to 1%
- "Gun Pointing - Eximus drop count multiplier". When eximus level>10 then gunpoints ammount = level/10
- "Gun Pointing - Drop levels". You can drop weapon with your level (You're loosing upgrade level on drop, because your level upgrade transfered on dropped gun). Exceptions: Colt and knife. You can't drop and loose levels on this weapons!
- "Gun Pointing - "Same weapon" upgrade". When you pickups same weapon then you will get +1 upgrade level for your exiting weapon. Exceptions: knife and colt!
- Console command: /DropGunPoints(N) - Drop N-th ammount of gunpoints. In splitscreen - only first player drops gunpoint.
- Console command: /DropGunPointsEx(X, N) - Splitscreen command. Player with X number drops N-th ammount of gunpoints.

12. Many additional settings for some enemies.
- You can change params of gnaar, marchhopper, kleers, scorpions, biomechs and zorgs enemies.
- Gnaars can shoot poison projectiles and can poisons players
- Poisonous marchhoppers.
- Knife, fire resistance for kleers. Explosives and guided projectiles.
- Armor-piercing bullets for scorpions
- Biomechanoid can shoots predicted projectiles. Guided, undestroyable and faster rockets...Igniting lasers. Hitscan lasers (Too bugged! Use at own risk).
- Zorgs shoots predicted, guided lasers. You can activate hitscan laser mode (Bugged). And you can make igniting lasers.

13. Safe Rejoin.
- Thnx serious_petr aka zCaliptium for this great thing! Now you can't loose your progress on Bad Sync, because your character not removed from the world! Just reconnect and profit!

14. Survival mode (WIP).
This mode is in development and can have more bugs. Have map example: SV_Pit. This map shows new survival subtype - Time limited survival! You must survive 13 minutes and get to extraction! All players closed in invisible room on start. Everyone must vote for start. Press "B" for vote("Ready Vote" button)

15. Added two connection configuration for better ping!

How to install:
You can use SS:ME installer for it or unpack rar/zip archives with your hands.

[Installer way]

SS:ME installer link:

Simple way to install this mod. You must have Net framework 4 for installation, because installer written on C# and using libraries. This is my first installer, so do not judge strictly, please!

[Hands way]

Version 1.0 Release: (119 MB)
Patch 1.1: (17.7 MB)
Version 1.1: (135 MB)

If you haven't SS:ME before then you can select 1.0 or 1.1 version of your choise. You must unpack .rar archive somewhere on your hard-drive
Next, you should copy SE1_00**.gro, 1_07_tools.gro and 1_04_patch.gro from your SS:TSE Classic steam version into "SSModifierEncounter" folder.
And finally, open Bin\SeriousSam.exe

If you have SS:ME v1.0 Release version then you must download patch .zip archive. After downloading you must unpack files from Update_v1.1 folder into SSModifierEncounter folder. Accept all file replacing!
And finally, open Bin\SeriousSam.exe


Special Thnx:
ZCaliptium (serious_petr) - SS:Evolution code basis, some ideas, testing and little bit help in coding.
ST27 - Testing, Some suggestions
Cofein - Testing, Some suggestions
Thanadrax (Muuso) - Testing, Some suggestions
Max512 BLR - Testing, Some suggestions
DMI-1407 - Testing
Twalot - Testing
Urban_Human - Testing

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Default Re: Serious Sam: Modifier Encounter Mod

This looks sweet, I'll be giving this a try soon.
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Default Re: Serious Sam: Modifier Encounter Mod

how i can play this mod on first encounter ? i see some photos from first encounter (dunes and sacred yard)
Edit : solved , who want play first encounter levels , just download FullEncounter(mod) , copy all .gro files and levels folder from fullencounter and paste into ssmodifier folder.

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