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Lava Golem
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Default Vermintide 2

So, the long awaited next game in the Warhammer Vermintide series.

It has new skill trees, revamped loot system, 3 different chars per hero (5 x 3 = 15, although there is still only 5 hero's), some new Hero system, bigger looking maps, new enemies, and more.
It looks like it is going to be more of the same type of gameplay, with some light rpg and bigger maps, and more enemies to fight against.
So, Vermintide 1.2 really.

But, it looks freakin awesome!
The steam store has pics and a video now.

Dated for 'Q1 2018', it has a pre-order right now with 10% off on steam ($29.99 regular), so the price is a great price again (I certainly got my moneys worth from the 1st one).
GMG will probably have it for 20-22% off, so I would hold out for that.

Other than that, cant wait for the game.
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Lava Golem
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Default Re: Vermintide 2

Well, I have to say, do NOT get this game.
They JUST introduced EAC (easy anti cheat) that replaces and/or watches kernel mode exe's and dll's, and scans memory vigorusly, and makes you super computer crawl in the game.
Not to mention, a whole heck of a lot of people cant even launch the game, due either to eac thinking something is wrong with you launching the game, or triggers many antivirus products because IT acts like a virus (EAC).
I just asked for a refund.
I wont have a worse securom on my system.
Denuvo is bad enough, but I will not have this eating up my resources when the game isnt even on, or steam isnt on, or whatever.
Tell, your friends, friends dont let friends run EAC.
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Default Re: Vermintide 2

That's strange that they would go to such extremes with an anti-cheat system. What's the point? I know that it's a multiplayer game but does it even have a versus mode?

L4D2 versus got pretty bad in its heyday with cheaters but I think that I would rather deal with cheaters or just stick to co-op instead of having some ridiculous resource-intensive program like that run alongside the game.
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Lava Golem
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Default Re: Vermintide 2

Thats the funny part:
Fatshark didnt really care in the 1st game, and even let people mod the game to have ingame cheats to give themselves whatever they wanted.
AND, its a coop game.

But, I found out another game I had squeeked by me with this EAC (Ghost Recon Wildlands), so I got the game again anyway.
Its 'ok', not anything great, but it IS more Vermintide.
I still thing 1 is beter, but thats just my personal opinion based on the graphics not being so 'cartoony' looking in V2.
There is a lot more gameplay 'type' in V2, as you have to unlock versions of the dwarf, elf, witch, etc, so you have 3 each of the 5 (x) = 15 'characters' you can play, although they are all the same visually.
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