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ah damnit
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Post Serious Sam: The Random Encounter Review Round-Up

Over the past several days, a few Serious Sam: The Random Encounter reviews have been posted online. Here's a quick preview of each of them.

For those unfamiliar with Serious Sam, you're not alone Ė neither was I until I played this. For those familiar with Serious Sam, you may wonder what you're doing at RPGFan reading about it. Well, let me tell you: Serious Sam: The Random Encounter (SS:TRE) is a crisp, tightly knit KISS-style action/turn-based RPG that lasts anywhere from one to two hours. Sam, the gun totin' meathead, will not only evoke a few chuckles, but he will leave you thinking critically and tactically as well.

Although Serious Sam: The Random Encounter is an RPG parody, itís not an RPG. There are no stats. No XP. No LV-Ups. No detailed equipment system. Next to no story. Very little dialogue.What Serious Sam: The Random Encounter does have is a very original, very fun battle system. Your team of 1-3 heroes backpedals on the right side of the screen while hordes of enemies approach from the left. Every 5 seconds, the action pauses allowing the player to enter in commands for each hero Ė aiming weapons, switching weapons, or using an expendable item. After all commands have been entered, combat resumes and the player can move up and down to dodge attacks and better aim their attacks. Repeat until one side is defeated.

At first play, I admit the 8-bit throwback element elicited some nostalgia that worked in favor of the game. But Serious Sam: The Random Encounter didnít initially captivate me and struck me as something of a one-note joke that wouldnít evoke more than a nostalgic smile. (Itís definitely got Ďmobile gameí written all over it.)However, when I returned to Serious Sam: The Random Encounter later, I must confess that I found it strangely and surprisingly more entertaining and even a little addicting than I initially gave it credit for. It gets more challenging after the first 30 minutes or so, and after a while you realize it requires more strategy than you might suspect.

The soundtrack is great from the dungeon music to the victory fanfare, and what dialogue is there to take in delivers a few laughs, especially when Sam discusses his feelings for puzzles. The boss battles were visually awesome, but lacked a little in strategy and epic flavor when it came to actually fighting them. The gameís campaign isnít that long if you donít die much, but even if you do it shouldnít take more than a session or two to get through. Thereís plenty of replay value though, with random weapon pick-ups each time you play through the campaign (one time I got the rocket launcher first!), a solid fighting mechanic thatís deeper than it first appears, and an Endless mode to put that previous item to the test.The Random Encounter is a solid small game that brings something interesting to the table in terms of gameplay, and I canít do anything else but suggest it to you if youíre into that sort of thing. The $5 tag fits perfectly, as thatís what a game of this reach should cost. Put your Lincoln down and enjoy all the FPS fun of Serious Sam through the eyes of Vlambeer.

It seems that the press really liked The Random Encounter, which is great news for Vlambeer. If you haven't gotten it yet, you can pick it up for $5 USD on Steam.
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Default Re: Serious Sam: The Random Encounter Review Round-Up

Dont buy this game... its fun, but poorly thought up as within 5 seconds certain enemies can move right across the screen (from the back of a horde)

also once enemies reach near your characters you cant do anything about them at all... they just run in a straight line downward and rape your party
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Default Re: Serious Sam: The Random Encounter Review Round-Up

That's the point of the game, to prevent them getting too close by thinking.

I picked this up a while ago when it was on sale and found it pretty fun. Played through to the inside of the Great Pyramid in one session so far. Love the retro soundtrack and Sam's "overly straightforward" dialogue , and the fights are fun & challenging as well. I feel that the game has just the right skill ceiling, there's a chance to fail at any time and you can learn the basics while playing instead of spending much time checking out tutorials and stuff. No cheesy fights, everything after the introductory battles requires some thought and you can end up dying easily especially in boss battles. Having the right weapon combo and items is the way to win.

Although I could see it getting repetitive eventually. I suppose it isn't a very long game either and there probably isn't a whole lot of replay value. But it's still great fun for what it's worth and should last one solid playthrough.
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