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Serious Sam Classic Mods General mod discussion for Serious Sam 1 goes in this forum, also any tutorials/tutorial requests that have not been added to Serious Sam Wiki yet.

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Hello this is the IPR Owner

This has some grammar errors but its pretty understandable.

I am working on a project called IPR. IPR stands for Infinite Power Reality. I am the owner and pratically this project does many things then just deliver a mod. I am hoping to start a small gaming company focusing towards talented ametuer modelers who have an intrest in creating mods.
The project will have modeling contests,host tournaments to see who is the ultimate warrior in each game for popular mod shooters and once when BFP comes out one day I am hoping to have a tournament to see who is the ultimate warrior.
Also going to start groups of people against other groups of people for competition. Also a special site for each game where the fans
will expand the mod by creating their own models and uploading it to a
server so it can become playable to players. Planning on having tournaments
as well by keeping track of scores. This will require some web programming. Having clans against clans providing the ultimate gaming experience to the
audience. Also have programmar of the year award as well and 3D modeler of the year. Most hard working person of the year. Best team of the year,Best SCI FI game of the year.
Also looking for original theme mods as well. We want the best 100 teams out their.

Now what the IPR site will do personally we will create IPR magazines,3D movies. For IPR magazines
you will see some awesome webpage design with flash and 3D models and well written articles talking about what mod is hot and whats not and other things.
Some 3D movies for a the official IPR mod. The mod will be an all comic mod. Right now its undecided how many maps this mod will have and how many characters.
It depends how fast and how good of a quality the team can produce. Its about a parallel universe where different super heroes meet in different places and compete to see who is the best hero.
Spawn,Spider Man,Apocalpse,Magneto,Superman,Juggernut,Cyclops,S torm,and many other popular villians and popular super heroes. We are looking for somebody who KNOWS A LOT of information about comic characters such as moves and how they act.
It will be based upon the Quake Engine. Once the game is finished we may use those models for other engines and make the game even better by making it an rpg game with bosses and everything. It should be awesome. Maybe we can try out the Sensou Sam engine. Anybody with any other alternative ideas what engine to use would greatly be appreciating.
The mod will be called Infinite Comic Reality ICR. Now next to the flash episodes. Yes we will have flash episodes and guess what the episodes will be based on. YOU GUESSED IT!DBZ!Yep planning on having flash episode series where you will see episodes taking place after DBZ. This series will be called FDG. Final Dragon Generations. New characters the only DBZ character that will actually be in it is Dende and TIEN. Tien is like Master Roshi teaches the descandants how to fight.
Here are some characters
Daksun-(4 or 5 years old)Goten is his grandfather and so is Trunks. Goshuu is the son of the Goten and Trunks daughter is shietunks(we may change the name).
Pants-older Cousin of Daksun is 16 years old cant turn SSJ yet and is a scientist and a martial artist fighter. Doesnt do too much fighting thou. Trunks is his Grandfather and his mother is Trunks daughter. His father is an intelligent earthling.
Lute-(Piccols grandson very strong awarded greatest martial arts fighter in the world)
and other characters as well.

Thats about it I was trying to just briefly describe it to you the best I can. I could have said more but I dont want to overload your brains with too much information. Anyways if your intrested fill out the joining application form. I need a few good team members to start modeling as soon as possible.

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Sounds great, BFP comp, hhhmmmmmmm.
Damjan Mravunac - Hey, what about a game called 'Serious John' where you run around Vegas and play with strippers?! Noooo.... too complex. It would take forever to finish it...
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