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Albino Cyclops
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Default big boss

YouTube Video: big boss

The #5 boss in this video... should be in SS. Looks like a very challenging boss to kill.

The #4 is same as Sand Whale (or whatever that's called). The #3 is not "realistic" (more like Zelda thing). The #2 is alright, but would anything be able to "kill" this boss? The #1 boss, too easy.

There was another boss that I would like to be in SS, but don't remember the name of it. It was two-headed white gorilla (vs a man with chains in a fight pit) (not the old sinbad movie). Very wild and no "pattern" to repeat same killing strategy.
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Default Re: big boss

Big Boss you say?

I've always liked the big bosses in the Serious Sam games. That was always a major part of the allure of the series. The final boss fight at the end of Sam 3 was amazing.

The problem with big bosses though is that it can be hard to keep the fight interesting. In TFE/TSE, you're mostly dealing with a lot of the same minions rather than the boss himself. Many big boss fights that I've played have been puzzles, which aren't that cool and don't work too well in a shooter like Sam. You also can't really have something like that Cronos fight in Serious Sam.

I think that it would be hard to top the final boss fight in Sam 3 in terms of huge bosses. If Croteam added a lot more mechanics and if the game took place somewhere other than Egypt, it could be interesting but that probably won't ever happen. I'm thinking of like a large city battle where Sam has to zipline across rooftops in order to evade boss attacks and take him down. Right now, mechanics are pretty simple - running, jumping, and shooting, so without the addition of something like a jet pack as in Sam 3, fights will be sort of bland.
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Default Re: big boss
I'm T-ReXx, otherwise known as Solid Snake.
I used to mod the classic Sams but now I just shitpost. If you need to contact me for whatever reason, please use one of the apps listed on my Steam account (link above).

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Default Re: big boss

I always liked the Ugh-Zan III from the original. He was such a dominating power that chased you for the whole of the second half of the level - to the point that I forgive the janky 'hoop jumping pray he's in the center' boss fight. The boss is essentially the centerpiece for the level, and he shows his power by destroying the arena you spent the last 10 minutes fighting in.

I always loved that as a kid. Used to daydream about the other two Ugh-Zans and the '?'-monster in the Embryo Room in The Grand Cathedral.

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Albino Cyclops
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Default Re: big boss
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Albino Cyclops
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Default Re: big boss

YouTube Video: White Apes

Funny how it starts with limited chain length... then it gotten longer when it wrapped around the White Ape
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