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Thumbs up Another Croteam Update

I didn't see this one posted here yet so here goes:


Serious Real-Time Tools
For those who are with Croteam from the start, then you already know that Serious Sam was the first FPS built using real-time tools. Now, as the next big step in engine technology design, Serious Tools have gone even further to become Serious Real-Time Tools (tm). Along with starting the level from any position within a few seconds, now you can go outside player's body and navigate through the editor, while that level lives its own life - enemies are running around, projectiles are flying, water is moving,... basically everything is moving in real-time.
Darko 'Drki' Martinovic, our programmer with the longest hair, says that soon we won't be just passive observers. It will be possible to drag and drop enemies while watching the game running, change architecture, save the player from dying... basically acting as God... all that while the game is running in real-time!
Most of you could already see how big and powerful this new tech is. For those who don't, there is always a great book by Fallen Soldier entitled "How to Be the First to Spot the Next Biggest Feature in Game Engine Technology".
More details on this new and exciting technology will be revealed soon.

Serious Physics
For those who haven't noticed yet, Croteam is working on its physics code implemented into Serious Engine 2. Although physics is working for some time now, some simulations could only be started directly from the code. But now, physics props (barrels, rolling stones, Serious Crates (tm), squeezed lemon, etc) can be added directly to levels within the Serious Editor and moved around at will.

Serious Particle Editor
This week we already have first results. Newly wed-boy Stef is kicking the editor hard and we already have a handful of effects. Best effects could be seen on Swamp Base level, which has it's own unique look now.

Bloom, second coming
Den recoded the bloom effect. It doesn't flicker so much as original and it has more options to play with. And of course, it's three times slower. 'Excellent' work, Den.

DoubleD has made a fourth sequence and apparently it's even better than the previous three. However, the budget is almost all spent. We'll have to see how he is going to manage in the future once the budget runs out... and of course, he has to pay Croteam for each new cut-scene delivered.
That Seriously Real Time (TM) feature is looking very interesting
the G.o.a.T
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Yeah, these features look very nice. I can´t wait for the new editor.
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I can´t wait for some screenshots...

Cya on the servers!
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me 2
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Game like Hames
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Ugh...tell me about the game, not the editor. I just don't have the time...

Sounds impressive, though, even though I don't know what it means. :O I look forward to seeing (and playing) what you guys can come up with.
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It means that you'll get a better game than most games because it has features coming out the wazoo.
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