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Default Cannot Create GRO

I am looking for some help here. Since this is my first post, I will give a bit of context about what I am doing.

I am completely new to the Serious Editor, having never used any previous versions. I finished playing The Talos Principle this past week and loved the game. So, I wanted to learn the editor and start creating my own content.

After a few days of reading everything I could find and struggling through things, I finally have a completed level with 4 simple puzzles, an arranger, and a portal out. Everything works perfectly when I run the level from the editor. (It looks terrible visually, but I am only doing it to learn. My next level will be for real.) So, the next step in my learning process is getting the level into the actual game.

I seem to have hit a roadblock at the point where I want to create a GRO file for the level. When I try to run "Create .gro file" from the editor, it gets stuck forever on this step:

"Collecting all custom files needed to load Content/Talos/Levels/Custom/first.wld..."

A dialog pops up with the path to a file and a progress bar, and hangs there. The file path is "Content/Talos/Sounds/RodWorkingLoop.wav". I have tried several times, and have even waited over an hour once to see if anything would happen.

I verified that the file does exist inside of All_01.gro at that location, and have also tried extracting it out of the gro and placing it in that location. Nothing seems to make any difference. It is not a custom file. It is just one of the sound files used by a Connector in the game.

I am hoping someone might have some idea what could cause this or what I should try. It is late for my tonight, so I am giving up on it for now. When I get back to it, I am thinking I might try exporting a very simple level to see if it is an issue with my specific level or not. It the mean time, if anyone has any ideas or advice, please let me know. thanks!
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Default Re: Cannot Create GRO

1. Don't use the "Create gro. file" feature from the editor. It's more trouble than worth. Hell, I say the same thing to Croteam themselves, because using that feature caused the whole "need DLC for every mod" bug.

2. Gro files are just renamed zip files. The zip must contain the proper folder structure (just like the All.gro files), as in your zip should have the Content/Talos/Levels/Custom folders, and any other custom content you created. After you're done, just rename the zip to a gro. No conversion needed.
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Default Re: Cannot Create GRO

I was considering that as a workaround, but was not sure exactly what should be included in the gro. I tried to run it again from the editor (for about the 5th time), and strangely enough it worked, despite me not changing anything since the last tries. There must be a bug there.

Since I managed to get it to work at least once, I can see exactly what is included in the file. So, it should be pretty easy for me to make them manually from now on if the editor gives me more trouble.

Anyways, I put an episode nfo file in there and it showed up in the game and let me play through it. So, I think everything is good now. Thanks for the help!

P.S. If anyone else comes across this thread and wants to know what to put in their GRO file when creating it manually, it is all of the files that you made yourself for the level and nothing else. In my case, I had a custom arranger and some custom scripts. You need to make sure the directory tree inside the gro is exactly the same as on your hard drive, with your main game directory as the "root". So, my file looked like this:

+ Content
  + Talos
    + Databases
      + Arrangers
    + Levels
      + Custom
        + Lightmaps
    + Scripts
      + Custom
          (more lua files ...)
Your files will vary of course depending on what you create. I am just giving an example of the file structure in case you are stuck where I was yesterday.

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