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Serious Sam 4 The place to talk about Croteam's next title: Serious Sam 4! What do you know? What do you hope to see in the next Sam game?

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Default Do you think it would be better if SS4 had better FOV options than previous games?

Current standard FOV projection becomes rather impractical when things go beyond 120 or 130 if you're cynical.

If you'd use different projections, you can have wide field of view without too much distortion.

A video that shows Quake 1 played with 180 and 360-degree FOV shows that different projections are very handy, making the game still playable even if your field of view is set to 360.

Here are examples of how different types of projections distort the view.

I'm sure that Serious Engine and computers can handle such wide field of view and it would come in handy in many places as well.
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Default Re: Do you think it would be better if SS4 had better FOV options than previous games

Why would you ever want to go that wide?

All the superwide-FOV projections in that video look horrible.

And people already have issues dealing with the "unnatural" visual input coming from unfitting FOV (too wide or too narrow) and to a more extreme extent with VR. Superwide FOV seems like a great way to exacerbate those issues.

Some projections would probably work better with certain setups than others, but at commonly used FOVs, I doubt there's much, if any, notable difference.
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Default Re: Do you think it would be better if SS4 had better FOV options than previous games

4:3 90 fov
16:10 110 fov
16:9 130 fov (1920x1080)
16:9 120 fov (2560x1440)
Other higher andsuper widescreens I have no idea.
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