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Default The Motherload (SS2/SSHD/SS3 Model/Animation sources)

It's been long time coming, but thanks to Croteam it is here!




A set of archives containing MODEL, SKELETON, TEXTURE and ANIMATION sources for the enemies, weapons and some other things of Serious Sam 2, 3 and HD!

Most of the sources are in Croteam's own "Ascii" file format (amf, asf, aaf), which can be imported to ANY of the SE2+ editors!

Unfortunately, the assets are incomplete, many of them were lost to time, and many can't be recovered...

The sources also come in lwo and lws files. These are Lightwave 3D Object (model) and Scene (animation) files. These are in fact the "true" sources; many missing animations are available in lws formats. However, we were unable to convert them to working aaf or fbx files. If anyone wants to try, be my guest!



As the archives are quite large, I had to use MEGA for hosting them. Apologies to those who don't like that service.


Serious Sam 2 Enemy Assets

Contains: SS2 Enemies, INCLUDING THE CUT ONES! Amf, asf and aaf files are available, also textures in tga, and some sounds. The missing sounds and data files for the cut content will be added to the Steam Version of SS2 in an upcoming patch!

Missing: Many many of the animation sources, both aaf and lws. They were lost to time. Also some sounds.

Notable assets: The SS2 Kleer animations sources (aaf) are likely working for the SSHD Kleer as well. As the SSHD Kleer aafs are missing, it is definitely worth the try!


Serious Sam 2 Other Assets

Contains: Animal models, Player models, Projectile models, Vehicle models, Weapon models and Turret models sources, including the cut content! TGA texture sources are also included.

Missing: Sounds and possible animation sources. The data files for SS2 will be included in a patch for the Steam Version of SS2.

Notable assets: Obviously the cut Vehicles and Turrets!


Serious Sam 2 NPC assets

Contains: SS2 NPC models, skeletons and animations. TGAs also included.

Missing: Sounds.

Notable assets: The human Netricsa model!


Serious Sam HD Enemies

Contains: Models, skeletons and animations for all SSHD enemies!

Missing: Some enemies are missing their animation sources for the ragdoll-transition animations. The exception is the Kleer, that only got those animations! However, it is possible that the SS2 Kleer animation sources work for this one as well.

Notable assets: Please note, that the Gnaars and the Beheadeds also have missing animations. However, this is because these models use the same animations as the Generic Player animations.


Serious Sam HD Weapons

Contains: Models for all SSHD weapons!

Missing: Possibly some animations.

Notable assets: It is possible that some weapons are not the SSHD ones but the SS1 ones by accident. If you can't find the HD model for a weapon, tell me and I'll ask for them.


Serious Sam HD Architecture Sources

Contains: A very few sources from the 4 episodes of SSHD.

Missing: Many many assets have no sources at all, as they were built in the editor. It is also possible that many sources included are from SS1 Classic.

Notable assets: You can put the SSHD Egypt assets to SS3 Egypt, so you can Egypt while you Egypt!


Serious Sam HD Player models

Contains: SSHD player models, skeletons, animations

Missing: The Serious 8 DLC characters, for obvious reasons.

Notable assets: The Ugh-zan player model is provided however! (Don't remake it in SSHD though to bypass the DLC, it will be removed immediately.)


Serious Sam 3 Enemies Part 1
Serious Sam 3 Enemies Part 2
Serious Sam 3 Enemies Part 3
Serious Sam 3 Enemies Part 4

Contains: Models for all SS3 enemies!

Missing: Unfortunately, most enemies are missing their aaf animations, and there are only lws sources.

Notable assets: The animation sources for the Scrapjack Boss are in fbx files. This is because with Jewel of the Nile, Croteam finally dropped using Lightwave 3D.


And that's it! Please enjoy, modders!



Croteam, obviously, who took their time to provide these resources.
noam2000, who tried to help me trying to convert the Lightwave 3D files into usable formats. Unfortunately, we failed. Maybe YOU can do it!
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While I do work for Croteam, I'm first of all of this community, so my opinions are my own and do not represent Croteam's views.

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