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Default Ever wondered what happened to Serious Sam after The Second Encounter? SS ASE Part 2

Here is part two of my Serious Sam 2 ASE short story. If you did not read part 1 here is the link Enjoy.

“We’ve got to stop making crash landings a habit. At this point we are on a new planet with out a working ship, no map to guide us and only three weapons at are disposal and a huge possibility of Mental’s troops being here. On the upside, just like USS Centerprice, am still connected to the rockets on board computer. I’m still going through the database which will take a wile.

What I can gather so far is this, the Sirians had allies across the universe. One of the allies comes from this very planet called M’Digbo. A primitive race called Simbas lives in this jungle region or did before Mental had them enslaved to mine and harvest the region’s resources.

I guess the race of beings on this planet are not intelligent enough to be utterly destroyed. Who knew, all that mankind needed to do to stay alive was just be stupid, wait, then I would not be here. AWWW! A lose, lose.

Sorry, now about that Distress call. It appears the signal that brought us here is transmitting a couple of kilometers to the North. I think I see some sort of stone passage way in the small group of trees before us. We need to head East pass the village and through those trees ahead.

I know Sam, I do not like this any more then you do. But we do not have much of a Choice. If we can get to that distress call we can find out why the rocket ship brought us here. Wait, I just thought of something, if Mental’s troops are here they must have a ship right? How else can you get to another planet with out a ship?

We must find out if they are here and if they have a ship we can borrow, he-he. Like it or not Sam that’s are mission, either way, it is better then standing here looking at the sights, onwards.”

Sam starts making his way in the small abandoned Simbas village.
In the village looping half around was five Simbas huts, towards the center of the village was a totem pole, facing it was a camp fire and facing that was six pillars.

Each split up in three groups, the first group had two pillars adjacent to one another, the other group of pillars Laid across the tops as a bridge making an archway, with the others in the same shape standing next to one another.

Walking pass the villages huts, Sam ears to his left the strong, yet gentle sound of water poring into a steady, cool, fresh, and natural spring pool.

With no time to waste on a swim, Sam takes out both of his (Schofield .45 revolvers) as he quickly reaches the woods ahead.
Sam making his way towards the end of the woods, he comes closer to the east side of the mountain, Carved out in the natural stone wall, was a stone doorway leading in to a stone corridor.

Sam, however, stops just a few feet before the corridor because, out of the corridor charging strait towards him moving their large upper arms and hands similar to apes with brownish, grey coloring skin, is a group of four large omnivorous, bipedal, mammals called Gnaars.

With the single eye that is centered in the middle of their torso, and there large gaping mouths that contain several rows of teeth.

Gnaars are not the ideal every day pet, unless you do not mind worrying about going to sleep and finding out in the morning that you lost a limb or three, anyway.

Sam, opening fire, skillfully and quickly takes down the leading Gnaar with only four shots, following their leader closely, the other three Gnaars get right up in Sam’s face causing him to instantly dodge to his left almost hitting a trunk of a tree.

Regaining his footing and holstering his guns, Sam decides to bring out his Serious yet always fun and loud chainsaw just as the second and third Gnaar make another charge towards him.

Quickly lifting his sharp and gas powered weapon, Sam just at the right moment brings down his chainsaw cutting the second Gnaar in half from head through torso.

With the third Gnaar close on the second’s heels, Sam sidesteps to his right pulling the chainsaw across his body to his left killing the third Gnaar instantly.

Just as the the last Gnaar tackled him form his right side.

Tumble for just a moment, Sam is able to use both legs and feet to kicked off the Gnaar and getting back on his feet.

lunging at him, Sam instinctively, reaches out with both hands and grabs on to the beasts single eye. The Gnaar try’s to franticly grab on to Sam’s hands to take them off its eye, but just before it could do so, Sam rips out the Gnaar’s eye which caused blood to start gushing out from its socket. With a cry of pain the Gnaar fell to the ground and died.

Sam dusting himself off, he continues towed the stone doorway not more then a few feet away. Entering the corridor Sam looks around, he sees on both side stone covered walls and under him a stone covered floor with not one site of earth.

To the left growing out of the wall was some good size roots hanging and reaching toward the ground. To the right up against the wall was a pile of medium size stones that at first site had no business being there other then just pure laziness form the Simbas.

Straight ahead of him was a stone door, before the door in the center of the corridor, laying on a square tile platform to Sams surprise, was a SPAS12 shotgun. He walks toward the gun and reaches down to pick it up.

As he looks it over he quickly sees that its half loaded and fully working. With a grin on his face Sam says, “It’s what I’ve always wanted.” Sam then walks up next too the stone door and gets close enough for NETRISCA to begin analyzing it.

“For once, just once I would like it if one of these civilizations we visit would have a traditional lock on the door that can be unlocked by a traditional key. Sorry about that Sam, you want the official answer.

Let me summarize. Door locked need key, do not have key, go find key or something else to open lock wait, there’s something odd about that center tile, let me get a closer look at it”.

Sam again heads toward the center stone tile. NETRISCA analyzes it. “Are you so glad I’m here with you? It appears that this center tile is presser sensitive, meaning, if you stand on it the tile will move down. So try it out and see what happens.”

Sam steps on the tile platform with the locked stone door in front of him. Suddenly he not only notices the stone tile moving down, a second after, he sees the stone door moving down revealing the other side of the mountain.

With another grin on his face Sam steps off the tile platform and heads towards the now open doorway. But just as soon has he steps off, the stone doorway starts to close back up along with the tile platform which resets itself, “Now I see why blondy hates puzzles.”

Sam starts looking around for a solution, his eyes again comes to that useless pile of stones. He makes his way to the pile taking as many stones as he can carry which is well, all of them.

He drops them on the tile platform, once again the platform goes down along with the newly hated stone door, its okay the door is a inanimate object, it won’t mind being hated, anyway.

With his newly acquired shotgun, Sam starts whistling the theme song from the movie with that wizard, the 13 dwarfs and that small guy with hairy feet. Sam finely makes his way through the doorway to the other side of the mountain.

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Default Re: Serious Sam 2 ASE Chapter 1 Part 2 Jungle

I like both parts after reading, good job.
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