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Default 10 years in the making: My gift to all of you.

So, today is a very special day:

Today Is My 10th Anniversary on SeriousZone!
[/CENTER]So, at I might have told many of you:[/CENTER]

I've made ALOT of unfinished WIP's that I've never finished or never uploaded onto the internet, as back then I only had dial up internet and until thiss year, I had to use public internet.

Releasing all my old projects would be nearly impossible due to the poor way resources are handled, I've learned since then but still these are really old (mostly stuff from 2003 till 2012)
So, with out futheradue, I have released my ENTIRE Second Encounter game for you to download, HOWEVER:

There are some alterations to attempt to not make this an act of piracy, those include:
  • Many of the DLL and EXE's are gone, you'll have to fill in the blanks yourself (the game is running on the latest retail version), may work with a fresh install for the steam version.
  • A password: (, anyone who isn't part of this site shouldn't have it, again, it's for people who already have SSSE classic.
  • like above, I'm posting this in the Luxor Club for a reason

Ok, here are the links, I had to split the archive up into 4 due it being very large, also had to use 4shared because only 4shared can let me upload a 7GB+ in total filesize. (I am not using the pirate bay for this, period)


Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4

I won't be surprised if this thread gets deleted for piracy reasons, or if I even get banned.
But it's time all else here had my long lost creations, bad or good they may be, this is still my gift to you all, for being a great community through out the years!
And hopefully, many more to come.

The better levels I've made are:
--Military base.wld
--Moscow.wld (was "Technically" finished but never released, shame)
--Black Mountains.wld
--Big Trouble 5.wld (The best one, it's a remake of an older level with extra catches, was also finished but never released; also try the other levels in the folder)
--7.wld (Oasis: The End of the World)
--10.wld (World of Hurt)
--House kill.wld (Rusutaku Assault Remake; uses resources from said map)
--Spooky.wld (Not Wytas's version, a VERY long 'adventure' map with alot of Padding BS. Originally First Encounter; MIGHT NOT WORK!)
--The Great Pyramid by CR.wld (you know that famous secret in Tower of Babylon? Well, now it's scaled up greatly for a huge battle!)
--Spooky forest.wld
--Realm of darkness.wld
--Steel City.wld (my first real attempt at advanced level design)
--Realm of the Mayan Gods.wld (a bunch of wtf level shitz)
--Planet Darkhouse.wld (Terminal Crisis Inspired, also Giant flooded bathroom because why not)
--Pyro.wld && Pyro (part 2).wld (lots of fire and red colors, also pretty rubbish, but it's a keeper IMO)
--School Reunion.wld (a more "Modern" level IMO, the opening cafeteria area is based on the cafeteria in the middle school I went too)
THE ATACK OF THE KOMAKOMIES.wld (I played this one before in my video series, but it's too classic to get old)
--teen titan tower.wld && teen titan tower the temple gods.wld (the first one is very ugly, but still I was quite the fanboy for Teen Titans XD, the second one is better but still not good; again these are keepers IMO like the above)
--the underground city of Asia.wld (another classic)
--Serious Hero folder (an unfinished custom campaign, the sad part is the first act was even done! But never released; please tell me what you think)
--Dungon.wld (Inspired off the first act of Zombie ZI's Underground series)
--Fort Miami.wld (I think it's not bad considering I made this back in elementary school)
--Lava world.wld
--Phoenix Fire.wld (the first in a my oldest canceled custom Campain called "Savea the Earth")
--palace.wld (inspired off SLAwww's mappers dreams, I also reused a part from this level in Raka's Space contest, not like anyone say it; levels starts off boring but it gets very different later on)
--Central Russian mountains.wld (eerrrrhh, maybe, I don't think much of this one :/)
--SnowBlind.wld (wanna have a boss fight against a Christmas Tree!?! SURE YOU DO!)
--town.wld (Jak and Dexter+Earth 2150 Ambiance, this is why this isn't released)
--winter land.wld (it's NOT Winter Wonder Land!)
--Zigalon.wld (Babylon gets an industrial revolution!)
--Neighborhood.wld (The before level of Moscow, not what you think it is, try it out and see)
--New Egypt.wld (because Seriously Warped's one texture made me want to make another strange level)
--NotPeacefulNight.wld (This one is special, it was gonna be my retelling of Sam's past, it's very unfinished but worth a shot, it's also worth noting the second area CAN kill FPS)
--Alien planet.wld (might as well count this one since it's quite memorable)
--hot desert.wld (same as above, not all that great but memorable, also why did I leave the background purple?)
--High school.wld (again, the same story, is quite bad overall)
--Watch towers.wld (A dark and atmospheric map, this version appears to be a dated version, as it doesn't have the death arena)
--Base Colan.wld (me wanting to bring NPC's in Serious Sam all those years ago :p)
--Lake hasis.wld (Only playable in Coop, but you'll need cheats to pass the forest area, as enemies get stuck there, also this map is VERY hard)

And, that's about it, there's more maps I've made but these are the best ones so all others should be regarded as random, I hope you can enjoy what I've never finished.

Happy 10th Anniversary, from IDGCaptainRussia, to the rest of Seriouszone!
It's been an honor to be have been part of this site for so long

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