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Default The Original Sam Backstory

A while ago, an image popped up on Reddit that shows Croteam's old logos. Upon closer inspection, I found that the text on the paper to its right doesn't match any Sam lore text available publicly at all. Couple that with the "Serious Sam internal----" paper below the logo paper, I conclude that this is a page from the Serious Sam bible for Sam2000.
the curious image in question

Here's what I can transcribe from it:


The year is 2777. For many y---
forces. They are led by Notorious----

The situation is more and more ----
total defeat. The Mighty Council----
'Sam's Seven' are still resisting ----
computer-like creature. It's got ----
to defeat Notorious Mental. S---
Earth's last chance. It's obvious ----
of the Sam's Seven who should ----

Notorious Mental discovers tim----
the time hole. After that, Notoriou---

Now, Time Hole is ready to ???-----
through it. He wants to intercept ------

Meanwhile, the Earth is defeated.
image to surviving population and----

One guy is fighting his way towards----
contain exactly the year he should----
BC, ancient Egypt civilization----
only luggage. The short ???? -----
???? ???? and louder.

'HE IS STRONG, -----

Serious Sam gives his last serio----
gorgeous princess or something, ??----
hole. Let the action begins!


Somewhere deep inside the univer----
for centuries. There were two broth----
left of the ancient Neurons civilization-----
brain. He glided throughout galax----
powers were far superior than Men----
and a bit vicious. Through years, ??------
bad things to others. Eventually, M------

What do you guys think? Looks like the Serious Eight DLC idea was from here (Sam + Seven guys), the sixth paragraph is Guardian of Time from SS3, the Timelock was a Time Hole here and Mental used it to send his forces to Ancient Egypt, and there's someone more powerful than Mental (a brother?). Let's hope some level design plans pop up next
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Default Re: The Original Sam Backstory

It looks like a different version, maybe refined, of the design doc of the 'original alpha' version of The First Encounter.
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