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Default "Are You F*cking Kidding Me?" Mod

Are You F*cking Kidding Me? My BIG mod for Serious Sam HD: TSE

Consists in making all the game go nuts, from enemies, to yourself, the original name was "Serious-Pocalypse" but i preferred this name, and the .gro is 14MB (Dear Jump On Jesus) which is sweet. All weapons are Nuts now, also all enemies, not including sounds like Wounds, Weapon Pickups, Jump and Analyzing, the fun fact is that once you pick certain number of weapons, NETRICSA will sound more funnier, also some sounds from the menu or when you change weapon, which is fun, also, you've been given a Demo Room to Test weapons & See Enemies before goin' to the battlefield, however, Now in Normal you can carry 50% more ammo than before, while in Serious you can carry thrice the ammo (150 shells max in normal, 300 shells max in serious).

But now lets give weapon stats:

Rabbit mode: Now Sam goes the double fast he goes, and he jumps thrice the height he jumps, that's the result for eating lots of Carrots!


Sonic Knife: Be ready to stab all your enemies, Ninja-style with this new SonicKnife

Freddy Colts: Feel like FastFinger Freddy once you try these, they never reload, they fire at the same time, and they are quite powerful!

Electro-Shotguns: The Single shotgun only works in a close range, while the Double Shotgun shoots an electricity barrage that can wipe out the enemies, also the Double Shotgun is Auto! Feel like an Assasin!

F*cked up, Thompson: The Result of not cleaning the Firing barrel, you can't hit anything far away, in a close range, it is kinda deadly

Auto XM214-A: You did it, avoiding the oxidation of your Minigun, now you don't have to wait for firing or for waiting for anything, Always look at how many bullets are left since it wastes tripler the ammo than before!!

Wacky Rocket Launcher: You wanted to fire Crazy-Looking, Slower but tripler and deadly Rockets? Here you go! Slower but Deadlier! Not considering now is Auto!!!

Lava Launcher: Originally inspired from my Serious Projectiles mod for SS: Classic, instead of a Serious Bomb, now it fires what the Lava Golems usually fire, they are launched farther and are more deadlier!

Solar Cannon: Way to overload the Napalm Canister, now it fires a 15 seconds of life, and magic flame that can pierce through most ot the enemies and is more deadly, it looks kinda cool!

XL2 Grenade Gun: Thanks for changing a Laser Cell with a Grenade box, now you fire, Smaller but mortal, mini grenades, they are fired very away than the Casual Grenade Launcher, but it is really deadly!

Hunting Sniper Rifle: You usually Zoom a bi, only for Snipe an enemy? Now you won't, With the Hunting Sniper Rifle, the 1 sec of Zoom button, will equal to more than 120 FOV in the scope, and if you leave it all the way, it will zoom to x40, making it an excellent choose for hunting, plus it fires, Electro-Rounds! Available at your closest Super Market!, now even the sniper joins Automatic insanity!

Mordekai's Cannon: Yeehaw! be ready to make your enemies go gibs with this new cannonballs with Mordekai's magic balls, that guy never knew that a cannonball must be the size of the cannon, so now, the cannon takes 5 seconds to charge, but it fires a "Super-Fatality" cannonball, oh well...

Puke Rainbows Bomb: This is your common Serious Bomb, but now, when it explodes, a 7 colors flash will be displayed, specially with rainbow colors, what every rainbow-puker needs!

All. enemies would take too much to write in here so i will resume:

Neutral Cucurbitos, Blue 'kazies, Rocketeer Zorgs, Laser Zorgs, Electro Arachnoids, Hell Kleers, Pink Harpies, Pink Werebulls, Red Cannon Demons, Red Reptiloids, Transparent Zumb'uls, Gold & Silver Biomechanoids all of those & more!!

Fun Fact: The Demo Room used to be my testing room for the Custom Enemy Pack, while the old name for the mod was "Serious-pocalypse" not "Are you f*cking kidding me?", all of this started as a joke, then i decided to make this a bit more serious, and here is it, my big mod

50% Serious, 50% Fun, i stayed true to that in this mod and not making it that impossible, so have fun!

YouTube Video: Serious Sam HD: The Second Encounter Are You F*cking Kidding Me?

Here it is what all of you have been waiting for...: 100% Ready to play in your pleasure!

Known Bugs:

- Some Enemies will lose their texture if you use the Solar Cannon Against them
- When you stop firing the Solar Cannon, if there are flames flying they will become invisible.


- Added DM version of all weapons and the player
- Added Bosses and Lava Golems
- Changed Text Strings for Levels, Weapons, Ammo
- Made a Better terrain at the Demo Room
- This time I deleted using Official Textures, and now it uses custommade with other name

So now, the mod is 100% ready for all game modes hope you enjoy

If you find another bug let me know

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Default Re: "Are You F*cking Kidding Me?" Mod

Wicked. Got to LOL on the Sniper Rifle Zooming out of things I really thought it was my graphic card at first LOL
Gold Weapons Mod
Download Here
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Default Re: "Are You F*cking Kidding Me?" Mod

Где скриншоты?!
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Default Re: "Are You F*cking Kidding Me?" Mod

Originally Posted by Бравый_Солдат View Post
Где скриншоты?!
"He says: Where are the screenshots?"

Мы все говорят на английском языке здесь. Если вы не можете понять английский язык, Вы можете использовать Google Translator.

We all speak english here. If you can't understand english, you can use Google Translator.
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Default Re: "Are You F*cking Kidding Me?" Mod

Looks like some very good russian (translate)

Anyways, I apologize for that, forgot to attach my trailer there

Here it is:

YouTube Video: Serious Sam HD: The Second Encounter Are You F*cking Kidding Me?
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