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Joined: Jun 2001
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Ive been stuck in the large room for 2 weeks now, I have full health and ammo and I still cannot quite kill ALL the Kleers that keep coming. Help. The sidestep trick helps with the Kleers but it ain't enough. I can't see a way out of this room either!!I last about 10 mins in this room.
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lead al the kleers up to the fromnt "alter", and jump on one, once you're on top, you can jump up on the alter aself and run like hell to freedom
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heh... after the kleers, you have those frogs, kamakazie guys and machinegun scorpians to look forward to in that room what difficulty???
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I just wait for them to get close then blast them to pieces with the supershotgun. And if you have trouble here, wait til you get to the Metropolis... I use the rocket jump to get myself to safety.
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Lo Rez
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Yep DiEgo is right. The Rocket Launcher will sure come in handy to get to a safe place in the Metropolis level. Wait till you get there, heh heh. Kleer City!! Oh, don't forget Werebulls :biggrin:
Alien SlaYeR

"Get out of here Stalker!... Get out of here Stalker!"
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ooops, wrong topic

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Hmmmmmm, rocket jumping. Yesss, that's it! I rocket jump up onto the altar as you call it and leave them all behind. I just say see ya!

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