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Exclamation Serious Engine 1.10 - Strange Gravity Problem

So I had a little fun with SE1.10 code. Simple stuff - added some enemies, re-added FE keys based on data from 1.05 SDK, added some editor options, all fine.

At least it was fine until I launched the engine itself, and loaded Sacred Yards level to see if they readded keys are working, and if I may encounter the same bug that happens in Revo with the moving water.... It "sorta" happened. Like that:

At first I thought that's because of the FE levels, but I launched Palenque and welp - Sam somehow changes his position from horizontal to vertical... It happens on levels from both FE and SE. I haven't touched anything else beside .es files, and SeriousSam.cpp (to change intro levels back to FE and stuff like that) but I'm sure I haven't touched anything based on gravity or even geometry... Maybe someone encountered™ that problem too?
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Default Re: Serious Engine 1.10 - Strange Gravity Problem

I believe Angelo is the only person who can explain that.
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Default Re: Serious Engine 1.10 - Strange Gravity Problem

Have the same issue here under OpenGL. It does not occur with Direct3D.
Because of compile errors I need to change file 'winnt.h' in'C:\Program Files (x86)\Windows Kits\8.1\Include\um' at line 342

typedef void * POINTER_64 PVOID64;

typedef void * __ptr64 PVOID64;

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Did you see?
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Default Re: Serious Engine 1.10 - Strange Gravity Problem

Modifying the windows libraries seems like a mistake to me..
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Default Re: Serious Engine 1.10 - Strange Gravity Problem

Could you elaborate on that conclusion?
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Default Re: Serious Engine 1.10 - Strange Gravity Problem

My guess was that the problem is due to compiling on an MSVC version other than MSVC10, but I don't know if Dragon has tried it yet.

And yeah, changing the Windows SDK headers isn't something you want to do.
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Default Re: Serious Engine 1.10 - Strange Gravity Problem

Same thing happened to me, I haven't modified any of the engine code yet, just downloaded it from github, compiled it, copied over the TSE files and tried to play some TSE with the 1.10 engine to see how it works before I start tinkering with it. That rotating-sideways-into-the-ground happens a lot. Any solution? I see Scratch has mentioned something about building it with visual studio 2010? I used 2015, should I use 2010 instead?

p.s. tried it with vs2010, no luck

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