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Default A challenging task

An elevator (Moving Brush) goes up inside a vertical tunnel. Enemies fall from above and attack player.

When enemies start touching the elevator, it gets blocked for some reason. Such blocks last for portions of a second, thus making the elevator shake instead of going up smoothly. If the elevator moves down, the problem does not occur.

Stuff I've already tried:
  • Enable the "Very big brush" switch. Enemies and player started to fall through the elevator.
  • Disable blood and debris after enemy death, disable enemy model collision after death. Blocking occurs less often, but still occurs.
  • Parent a TouchField with "Block non-players" switch enabled to the elevator. Does not work.
  • Created a MovingFiled entity for that matter, since TouchFiled collision might've been broken because of parenting to MovingBrush. But this doesn't work either.
  • Make enemies jump on the elevator like on a Bouncer. Blocking still occurs, though less often.
  • Added a CrushKillDestroySwag9000 switch to the MovingBrush to annihilate anything that blocks it (instantly calls Destroy() on such entities, without debris or any kind of effect). Does not work.
  • Made a separate room, its walls are linked with the elevator using MirrorMarker. Also made a relative teleport entity that seamlessly puts any entity that touches the elevator into that room. For some reason, ETouch does not always get sent from enemies that fall onto the elevator, they keep standing on it producing bizarre graphic glitches through the mirror.
  • Combine the previous method with bouncing up enemies and CrushKillDestroySwag switch. The elevator still gets blocked, bouncing enemies that don't send ETouch to the elevator produce even more bizarre graphical glitch.

The task is to make an elevator go up smoothly while enemies are falling from above. Any suggestions?
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Default Re: A challenging task


PS: Try having a thin layer of invisible layer of platform above the lift as it moves? Maybe then the enemies will be land on the invisible thin layer of platform and not get stuck on the elevator brush.

Have you found what why the enemies make the elevator stop? Perhaps it has something to do with the engine's physics saying that all moving objects will be stopped when coming into contact with another moving object?

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