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Serious Sam Classic Discuss anything and everything relating to Serious Sam Classic and its 2 parts; The First Encounter and The Second Encounter.

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Angry Extended Play on Tech TV --->>>

gave Serious Sam on XBoX a 3 out of 5. This guy explains that the game has many improvements over the PC versions, including resolution and graphics and sound. To put it down he mentioned something about the weapon selection and how difficult it was to be changing weapons in the middle of battle. He also gave the typical excuse of the 'waves and waves of enemies in the game get overbearing too soon' type of crap.

Serious Sam on XBoX looks good. But it's too bad I won't be able to play it because I got Splinter Cell instead.
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Actually I heard Splinter Cell was pretty good.
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ummm how could it possibly have higher resolution than the PC version? The Xbox runs on TVs for God's sake.

lol 'waves of enemys get overbearing'...thats the point isnt it?
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And he's not the only one to knock it for difficulty choosing weapons. I did as well, although I rationalized the problem -
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Default Bummed....

I would have to disagree with the peeps who say the xbox version of Sam is better then the PC. Have them both now and there are many thing not likeable about the console version.

Frist, the resolution is not as good, for obvious reasons. On my pc I play on 1600x1280 res. I can count the grains of sand in the block walls.

Second, changing weapons is difficult in the heat of battle, although we are dealing with a console... no keyboard.

Both the above reasons are not really that important as I expected as much.

Third, having just played with my son-in-law thru five "levels" (one PC level cut into five or more) on serious setting, I was dismayed to see a comparatible lack of enemies as there was in the PC version. Also, what the heck's with the limited lives? In the PC version if you were limited to 10 lives playing on serious, you'd be out before you finished the first level. Although perhaps if the setting was put on 0 lives it would be an idefinite number? I'm not sure.

I'm not sorry that I bought the game, it's good for a console, and I will play it through, maybe it"ll get better. But I was a bit disappointed.
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