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Serious Sam HD Discuss anything and everything about Serious Sam HD, the official remake of SS:FE on Serious Engine 3.

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Exclamation Answers to the Most Common Problems

Common issues
  • I'm having sound problems, even with the latest patch!

    This most likely means you have a broken DirectX installation. The game tries to install the latest DirectX version when the game is launched for the first time, but due to a design bug in the installer, it will simply skip the installation if a previous DirectX installation was found, even if it was broken. To fix it, find the dxsetup.exe file in steam dir/steamapps/common/serious sam hd the first encounter/Redist/DirectX and run it. Doing this should fix your DirectX installation and solve the sound problems.

  • My game crashes a lot

    If you are using the nVidia beta 195.55 drivers, that is the problem. Please update to the 195.62 WHQL drivers to solve the problem.

  • I experience a lot of stuttering while playing

    This can sometimes be solved by lowering your GPU performance setting by one in Options -> Performance Options. Especially the Ultra setting is too hard on a lot of systems.

  • I can't find any multiplayer servers!

    This is most likely caused by DMZ being enabled on your router. DMZ is not compatible with Steam, for more information please read this article at Steam Support.

  • I'm getting regular 1 to 2 second freezes while playing

    This is a known issue, and is being looked into. However, you can try lowering your options in Options -> Performance Options. This may or may not solve the problem, but it's worth a shot.

  • The game is incompatible with 3D rendering / stereoscopic drivers

    This is actually a problem on nVidia's side, but it is a known issue and will be looked into. One thing you can try for now is disabling "fast lights" by entering ren_bFastLights=0 in the console (open it by pressing ~). This will lower image quality, but might work as a temporary fix.

  • My game crashes on the Ugh-Zan cutscene

    This was solved in the latest patch.

  • My keyboard/mouse bindings keep resetting when I restart the game

    This was solved in the latest patch.

  • My sound crackles when using a 7.1 speaker setup

    This was solved in the latest patch.

My problem is not listed, or the listed solution does not work

Please create a new thread describing the problem as detailed as you can, and please post the following information / attach the following files to your post for all problems:
  • Your log file (Steam dir/steamapps/common/serious sam hd the first encounter/Log/SamHD.log)*
  • Your system specs
  • Your configuration file (Steam dir/userdata/unique number associated with your Steam account/41000/local/SeriousSamHD.ini)*

Additionaly, if the problem involves the game crashing, please post the following file as well to help track the issue:
  • Steam dir/steamapps/common/serious sam hd the first encounter/Log/SamHD.rpt*

* Please attach files to your post, do not paste them into the post as text. If the log file is too large than you can break it up into 1mb increments.
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