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Default Re: Prey (2)

I watched some streams of it and it seemed like a very meh run of the mill shooter. As if multiple ways to go around things was a new thing, and the portal tech has existed ages ago. I played the original Prey back in the day to completion and idk, it just seemed like a better game compared to this, with more interesting presentation and settings (bio-organic alien mothership). The streamer I watched also hated the game's soundtrack enough to mute it entirely and I had to agree.
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Black Star
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Default Re: Prey (2)

So I finished the game some days ago, I really enjoyed it, I wish there was a New Game+ tho, I'd gladly replay it. Some things I didn't like is how the horror is just simple jumpscares from mimics, else it is just a shooter like Bioshock/System Shock. I'd wait for a sale to get this game though.

I'd give the game 8/10, still a good game but while the name "Prey" does fit the game it could have had a different one like "(Typhobia)?"
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Default Re: Prey (2)

Huh, the last time you sounded like if you'd give it a 10.

I'm okay with how the 'horror' is, as in, there's no real horror in it, but the tense-ness that's somewhat similar to some of the Metroid titles (like Fusion or AM2R). Not really "horror-scary", but more like "shit, I'm vulnerable right now, would be bad if something jump- OH FUCK ME!" scary.
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