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Default Issue with Custom Hands & Edit Data

So I had this issue when I had my own custom hands made for SED, and it's now going to apply to EVERYONE now that the edit data is public.

The issue is basically this: Now that you can edit the hands edit data, whenever you try to edit a texture, resize a weapon model or make adjustments to it, you will ALSO edit the hands.

This is a humongous pain in the ass for people like me who work with weapons constantly. As I have to constantly resize and edit my models to make sure they fit the screen and skeleton. This means I have to constantly go into model editor, remove the hands .bmf configuration from the model, go back into Mesh editor and make the adjustment to the weapon mesh, THEN put the hands back in via model editor.

You may not see why this is a problem but you try doing this every time you need to make a fine adjustment. It is a pain. And then when you want to apply textures to a mesh you need to remove your arms model again due to the layer map being (Mixed+Shared), or else the texture is applied to the arms.

I think this deserves being looked at. Stop allowing hands to be edited anywhere but in it's own model or something. It's a bother for me, and I'm sure for other people eventually.

As I said earlier, this used to only happen to custom hands but now it will affect all editor users.
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Default Re: Issue with Custom Hands & Edit Data

The work-around you're using is the only one I know of so far. It's definitely annoying. I'm not sure why it combines the materials into one mixed material when they all have different names.
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Default Re: Issue with Custom Hands & Edit Data

In the model editor, right-click the mesh you want to edit and select "Open in document".
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Default Re: Issue with Custom Hands & Edit Data

I think an easy fix would be adding some kind of "lock" for the meshes: for example locking the hands would just display them, but they'll not be editable (the data would be ignored) unless you remove the lock in the model editor's configuration, this way it would work just fine, and you could also use the lock for other reasons,for example using it as a safety switch when you don't want to mess things up when editing alot of stuff together.

I hope Croteam will add some sort of fix like this
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