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Serious Sam 4 The place to talk about Croteam's next title: Serious Sam 4! What do you know? What do you hope to see in the next Sam game?

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Default Will Serious Sam 4 have improved mod support?

Custom content support for Serious Sam 3 was rather clumsy and not very adequate.

Will Serious Sam 4 have better modding?

Here is my wishlist:

1. Not having to restart the game every time I swap active mods. Restarting the game is excusable only with total conversion mods or after updating the said mods. Smaller mods could be swapped without having to restart the game (some could be loaded with the level and being active per game) and minor ones (like model and sound swaps) could be even changed on the fly.

2. Have options menu for mods if the modmaker desires so. (For an example, a place to change weapon damage for weapon damage mod).

3. Don't treat everything as a be-all-end-all mod, especially assets. Necessary resource packs should be loaded with the level. Map lists and player models should be loaded with the game.

4. Being able to load levels even with assets missing (although with a warning). That allows to see full list of missing assets instead of seeing missing assets one at a time (pain if modmaker forgets to include mod dependencies). Fallback textures and models could also be used if necessary.

Any other suggestions?

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Default Re: Will Serious Sam 4 have improved mod support?

Moddable itself is clumsy. I said some time before that in a perfect setting Fusion would be the moddable hub with the content from all games (including Talos) added as they come (since Croteam is updating it with new engine iterations) and people can go wild there, and the base games are unmoddable. That would alleviate a lot of problems.
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Default Re: Will Serious Sam 4 have improved mod support?

One of the biggest reasons I'm not much into modding modern Sam games is because of this distinction between a "moddable" version and the regular version. "Moddable" doesn't really attract anyone if it's different from the regular game, and I think there doesn't have to be a separate build just for using mods. Sam is the only game I know that does this.
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Default Re: Will Serious Sam 4 have improved mod support?

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Default Re: Will Serious Sam 4 have improved mod support?

Well, Fusion first tried to merge moddable and non-moddable modes... but it was a disaster. Now they have been re-separated again, but moddable still got a lot of problems, especially in multiplayer, due to "pure mode doesn't allow replacement resources" bugs and such.
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