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Default In your opinion, what's the hardest battle/ambush/etc. of the game?

And does the hardest part of the game to you depend on the difficulty settings or if extra multiplayer enemies are used?
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Default Re: In your opinion, what's the hardest battle/ambush/etc. of the game?

Hard difficulty and below are just way too easy, I can probably beat them with my eyes closed and hands tied behind my back. Serious Difficulty is where some trully challenging parts show up. Not sure which of them is the toughest, but I'll try to list a few that I can think of right now:

//KarnakDemo - around the Ankn Pool there are several spots where several red arachnoids spawn around you with some kleers and beheadeds, and you only have a rocket launcher with limited ammo, those are really tough to survive, especially since there aren't many health and armor pickups in the area. It's much easier in the full Karnak in the campaign as you have all guns and lots of ammo, also the battles have been changed.

//Moon Mountains - the "island" where you pick up a tommygun, you get attacked by gnaars, reptiloids and a lot of harpies, with very limited space to move around.

//Moon Mountains - behind the waterfall you're attacked by biomechs up front, a lot of kleers from behind, again very limited space to dodge everything.

//Oasis - the marsh hopper fight, it's pretty much impossible to avoid all of them, so you're doing your best to minimize the number of hits you eat, but still by the end of the fight you'll be pretty low on hp if you survive.

//Dunes - in the last arena, at some point you're fighting several red biomechs and a lot of kleers from all sides. This fight usually takes a few attempts to survive too.

//Metropolis - the long wave of kleers shortly after you pick up the minigun is really hard to survive if you haven't picked up the secret cannon earlier. No matter how hard you fight, they will almost certainly push you back to the spike trap, and probably in it. Of course a single cannonball can take many of them when they're comming at you in such a long straight line.

//Valley of the Jaguar - the 2 battles with kleers and cucurbitos in the hall with the moving wall of darkness. It's kinda hard to deal with them when you can't see them You basically fire at the darkness and hope to hit something

//The City of the Gods - the ending arena where you and all the enemies keep jumping up and down, many of the enemies are kleers, kamikazes or marsh-hoppers, all dangerous if they manage to touch you, and its really hard to hit them. The non-secret take-2-pills-to-stop-gravity in SS:Classic makes it kinda managable, but in HD that just slows the jumping down, not really helping much.

//The Pit - the battle where you and your enemies get flung from wall to wall by unknown force. Not exactly sure if it was in this level, but I think it was there somewhere.

//Tower of Babel - near the end of going around the tower for the second time (secret), there's a fight with a LOT of arachnoids spawning all around you. Good luck.

//The Citadel - while the level is not that hard if you play it normally, if you want to take the midnight mega-secret you have to rush forwards quickly, but if you also want to get 100% kills and all secrets along the way, that becomes a trully challenging experience.

//The Grand Cathedral - I guess the part at the end of the corridor of death with all the jump pads is kinda hard too.

Those are probably not all the hard fights in the game but just the ones I could think of right now. They are only really hard on serious difficulty, but not impossible to beat. And don't get me wrong, I don't hate them and I don't want them gone. I like the originality and challenge they provide. Of course please don't make a game where every single battle is like that, I will just rage quit

If you want a true challenge, try the fan-made Eye of Ra for SS TFE Classic, on Serious Difficulty every single battle is almost unbeatable, I was on the verge of rage-quitting it several times, but I felt like a boss when I finally finished it.

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Default Re: In your opinion, what's the hardest battle/ambush/etc. of the game?

Metropolis in the suburb area is the hardest of any Serious Sam game so far. I mean you can make it easier by waiting out a lot of things but for the casual player its a tough section to survive.
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Default Re: In your opinion, what's the hardest battle/ambush/etc. of the game?

Easy mode nowadays are too hard for the majority of gamers who started in the 80's and 90's.
Seriously, everything has to be instadeath in 10 seconds or less, and have permadeath so you have to start the whole game over again.
I dont get it (welll, I do, I used to be pretty good when I was younger also, but those days are past).
Easy needs to mean EASY.
Let the higher difficulty tiers be hard a F.
But, dont discount us older folk who like to play games too. We probably spend just as much, if not more, on games than young people do. But, no one wants to make a real 'EASY' mode for us, so we can play and have fun also.
And, since when has it become 'FUN' to have a 25-40 hour game, stretched out to 500 hours of grindy, same old dsame old fetch or kill quests, with having to READ something every 10 seconds instead of having voice actors, and dying less than 2 seconds after entering the game, only to get good enough to only die every 5 seconds after entering the game once you took 50 hours to 'git gud' at the game? And, also, have pixels bigger than a 90 year old males balls, on a game made in 2017/2018? It is redonkulous. The graphics dont have to be movie quality, but really, they should be at least up with the times.

Grrrr, lol, I could go on and on and on.
It seems every game is this way nowadays.
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Default Re: In your opinion, what's the hardest battle/ambush/etc. of the game?

The only place on Serious which I would consider very hard is the first marsh hopper bossfight. Your kiting and dodging skills have to be near perfect to survive. The arena is not that big and they start spawning from all sides after a while.
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Default Re: In your opinion, what's the hardest battle/ambush/etc. of the game?

Or you just camp a corner and shoot a lot?
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