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Default Serious Box Solid: How to play guide! [Indepth]

(Ongoing work in progress! More sections and stuff to be added later)

How to play


1: Introduction
2: Snake Tactics & Item Usage
3: Guard Tactics & Item Usage
4: Camoflage Usage & Map Specific Tactics


Serious Box Solid's Infiltration gameplay mode is a special versus mode with 2 teams facing each other to death, similar to Last Team Standing. The differences are that the Snake team (red team) has to activate objectives in the levels, which in turn allow their team to gain weapons or other benefits to kill the Guard (blue team) with. The main objective is always to be the last team alive, but completing at least some of the objectives is required, as you will not be able to win the fight with just a knife versus a full guard team armed to the teeth with assault rifles. In addition, players' movement speed is slowed down a lot in all of the Infiltration levels, to accommodate better sneaking.

Objectives in the levels look like this:

Snakes must reach these objectives, and the Guards must defend these objectives. At the start of the game, these objectives signify your team's ready status. Do not activate them until your team is ready to play, as it will begin countdown and start the game.

Successfully activating an objective as a Snake usually confers various benefits, which vary from level to level. It typically spawns a new weapon somewhere in the map, or even in the Snake's inventory, or it can unlock the next set of objectives by disabling a laser field, for instance.
Game startup.

Every round begins with a countdown. When both teams are ready, Snakes can move into the map after 5 seconds. After additional 14 seconds, Guards are allowed to move into the map as well. This is so that Snakes have some time to hide before the Guards arrive.

The melee weapon that both teams start with in the mod is the Combat Knife. It is slightly faster than the Sledgehammer, but it also deals only 65 damage per hit. This is the only real weapon available to the Snakes at the start, while the Guards start with it also, as well as with the pistol and the assault rifle.

In addition, the teams' starting health and armor values are different. Snakes, having less means to defend themselves, can take more hits with 130 health and 30 armor, while guards start with standard 100 health and no armor.

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Default Re: Serious Box Solid: How to play guide! [Indepth]

Snake Tactics & Item Usage
Old Snake prone in the ground.

Snakes are unique in that they have access to many stealth enhancing abilities that guards can't use. The main thing in your disposal is the ability to go prone. When prone, you are belly down in the ground, and significantly harder to spot. To go prone, just crouch normally. It is best to bind crouch to a key that you can always access (the default "C" is very bad for this, I recommend something like most shooters' Left Ctrl key). You can move while prone. When moving prone, you will either crawl forward, or roll if moving to the side. Prone mode can also be used to go under objects you normally couldn't, such as trucks. NOTE: You must play a mod character to be able to go prone or use disguises. Mod characters are marked with * at the top of the player model selection.

To avoid detection, it is recommended to play in third person mode and actively look where the guards are going/looking at. Hide behind whatever obstacles you find, crates, sandbags, trucks and whatnot, while staying prone.

Snakes also have disguises at their disposal, some of which are map specific. The basic disguise you always have is a Wooden Box. To use the Box, switch to the Devastator slot weapon. To get an idea of how it looks like on you, look at yourself in third person view: that is how you look like to guards. The Box should ALWAYS be used prone only, a standing sideways box will only make you easier to see anywhere. When prone, you can properly align yourself with the box (use mouse movement for this), so it looks like a normal box placed in the ground. However that's not enough, you also need to think where to use the box! A box in the middle of nowhere will stand out, so the box is best used near other boxes, or even on top of another box. Also note that your legs will be sticking out of the other side of the box - position the box so that the guards won't see the legs!

Another disguise that the Snakes have is the bush, which is currently only available in the Rassvet Jungle map. It uses the Cannon weapon slot and functions similar to the box in that it should be used always prone, but it creates a bush that conceals you within. You should take the same cautions as with the box when using it and think of good places where a bush might not be noticed, such as grassland. Not on top of a truck or in the middle of a road...

Another tool the Snakes have is the CODEC (minigun slot). The CODEC primarily serves as an attention catching device. Its only function is to make noise! What's the use of a weapon that only makes noise, you ask? Well, you can lure guards to your position with it...or signal your position to your teammates with it! Good use of the CODEC requires some imagination. For instance, when you see that a teammate is about to run into the enemy base, use the CODEC to lure guards to your position while your teammate can sneak past them unnoticed. It also has some funny quotes.

Lastly, Snakes can find Smoke Grenades in the levels. While Guards can also use these, these mainly benefit the Snake team. When thrown, after a brief amount of time, they start emitting a huge cloud of thick smoke that gets bigger over time. Their best use, as you could guess, is throwing them as a distraction, as they will let you run unseen through large areas.

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Default Re: Serious Box Solid: How to play guide! [Indepth]

Guard Tactics & Item Usage

Guard play is simple! You start with the knife, pistol and assault rifle, and your only objective is to find and kill all Snakes, and defend the objectives so that Snakes can't activate them. However, that doesn't mean you have to play dumb. Play in third person view and take a good look at your surroundings and move your view around to spot disguised or hiding Snakes. Take advantage of armor pickups as you have lower survivability at start. You can't go prone as a guard, but you can still just as well crouch behind crates and be sneaky if you like.
Guard noticing something!!!

As of the new update Guards also get their very first unique ability which is to signal that they have found something. Reload the Assault Rifle to make an ! icon appear above your head, with the classic exclamation mark sound effect. Due to some mod limitations and the fact that we don't want guards spamming it all the time, this can only be used once per round, however. (Note: finding ammo for the assault rifle however, lets you use the ! many more times!)

To be a successful guard you need good knowledge of how to play both sides however, so Guards should try playing as Snakes to learn the basics of the game as well. This will also make you much better at spotting Snakes when you know how they're going to play.

In a nutshell, as guard, defend these things with your life, while also looking for snakes (just camping them won't do you much good either though, as you'll be letting Snakes gain other weapons/areas):

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Default Re: Serious Box Solid: How to play guide! [Indepth]

Camoflage Usage & Map Specific Tactics
Big Boss with "Moss" camoflage.

By "camoflage" in the mod we mean different skins for all of the player models. You should generally choose a player model that best suits the surroundings, as this will make you harder to spot by plain eye. There are a number of so-called joke camoflages too for when you're feeling ballsy, but choose them at your own risk! Examples below:
Banana Samus sure is hard to spot, isn't she...?
Big Boss's Normal camoflage (aka. Tiger Stripes) is a good all around camo
Old Snake's Grey camoflage works very well in urban areas

Map specific tactics:

Fort Box Warehouse

Fort Box Warehouse is an all-interior map where the objectives are located in a room on one of the wide sides, and to the north of the map in a control room (the guard spawn). The objectives can be activated in any order. When both objectives are activated, lasers leading to a room housing a Metal Gear prototype (the Shagohod) will deactivate. Inside the room the Snake team can find weapons for themselves to kill the guards with. There is also a pistol pickup in one of the big containers in the map, and a shotgun that spawns under one of the tables after 1 objective is activated.
As you could guess from the name, the warehouse is full of boxes, so the box disguise will no doubt be useful here and you will be needing to take advantage of the boxes to hide yourself. You can also go under the tables holding the boxes, and they are a good spot to stay hidden in.

A major feature of the map is ventilation shafts. They are all over the map leading to various places and rooms, and Snakes can utilize them to stay entirely hidden from the guards' eyes. Guards can also enter the vents by crouching, however, so take caution.

Rassvet Jungle

Rassvet Jungle is in contrast an all exterior map with lots of grass and vegetation to hide in. The map is split to 3 lanes seperated by small impassable cliffs, and they are all connected to each other from the center (area with the truck). Like the Warehouse, Snakes need to activate 2 objectives here which are both located at the top corners of the map, one in the guard spawn and one by a small lake in a shack. The objectives are recognizable from the satellite dishes above them.

Both objectives spawn weapons in the truck in the middle of the map, and the objectives themselves also contain a pistol spawn for each.

This map requires some patience in advancing. Snakes should take advantage of hiding behind wall pieces where they can and solid cover. Tall grass patches can be used to hide in, but they won't save you if a guard gets close, so be careful. Brave Snakes may also consider hiding in the water. Using grass camos and the bush disguise may be very useful. You can also go hide inside large bushes without having to set up the bush disguise yourself. Try hiding behind the smaller palm bushes too!

Middle East Warzone

Middle East Warzone has a more linear structure, as opposed to the other 2 maps which had relative freedom. In this map Snakes have an actual end objective that they can accomplish: reaching the helipad on top of a large apartment building, and getting into the chopper which kills all guards on the map. To do this, Snakes first have to activate 2 objectives. There is also one optional objective in the map which becomes available after the first objective is activated. The optional objective grants Snakes access to powerful weapons (Double Shotgun, Rocket Launcher, Assault Rifle) that they can use to take over the apartment building. There are also some pistol pickups scattered throughout the map so it is possible to win by exploration and killing the guards also.

For sneaking, this map has a huge amount of good hiding spots. Try going under ruins for instance, behind kiosks, crates, etc. You shouldn't need to use the box disguise as much if you can keep a move on, although there are lots of crates so it should be easy to blend in with it. Dark camos will be useful in this map as there are a number of dark areas, particularly once Snakes get inside the apartment building which has very little light.

Objective 2 is on the second floor of the apartment building. You'll need to activate it to disable lasers in front of the door leading to the roof. To get to the roof, jump through the broken stairway pieces and keep going upwards.

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Default Re: Serious Box Solid: How to play guide! [Indepth]

Revision 1 of the guide is basically done. Just missing info on 2 maps but all the major points should be there!

EDIT: Added info on the missing maps too. Considering adding drawn maps for all levels later.

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