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Default is this game getting more difficult or am I getting older?

I'm either getting older, more stupid, or the Serious Sam games are getting more difficult.

So many times I find myself playing again and again a part of the game simply because I suck so much at it.

There are hints on how I should handle situations that I will not get until the 3rd, 5th, or even 7th time I re-play something. Sometimes I'll "sleep" on a level and leave it for the next day, where I'll return with fresh mind and strategies to beat it. I'm taking advantage of prior knowledge of the situation so that I can beat that part of the game.

However, I feel that the whole point of Serious Sam is to improvise on what's happening around you and "oversmart" the hordes. It's about reflextes, instict, and some brains. But that doesn't happen for me. The way I play the game, it's all about trial and error and that simply feels WRONG.

Do I remember well, that the first two games where more simple to handle? Having to reload the Rifle and Single Shotgun is a pain in the ass, but I don't think that's thet problem.

I'm here to ask, is this common among Serious Sam players? Having to re-play the same part so that you'll know what's ahead of you?

I'm playing in Medium difficulty. Maybe I should have played in Very Easy? Maybe I should look elsewhere for my gaming fix?

Just to add some objective measure about my skill level, I usually survive 1:20 to 2:40 min in Canyon (haven't played the others) and I've managed to reach till 4:20, which is very bad, considering a simple search on YouTube showing someone doing a 15 min, and making it look like a walk in the park!

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Default Re: is this game getting more difficult or am I getting older?

Hey there, and welcome.

I have noticed the games play differently. I've finished Serious Sam classics and Serious Sam 3 on Serious mode, and both take a whole different gameplay approach. Serious Sam classic is more about learning the enemy: Movement, attack patterns, dodging, how much ammo you have to spend, etc. And then with that knowledge you have to manage fights. Serious Sam 3 has a whole different layer of depth with reloading, sprinting and iron sights. But it feels like it loses enemy complexity, enemies are more straightforward but are way harder to dodge.

So in short, the classic games to me feel like reflexes and knowing the enemy while Serious Sam 3 feels more like being good at dodging and more trial-and-error. I really had to get used to the high amount of hitscan enemies, and despite what the tagline says, some parts require you to take a more cautious approach thanks to this.
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Default Re: is this game getting more difficult or am I getting older?

one thing to note is that Kleer skeletons are probably the most abundant enemies in the Serious Sam games, and Kleers in SS3 have been made a lot more dangerous than they were in the older games
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Default Re: is this game getting more difficult or am I getting older?

For me SS3 was actually easier than Serious than HD, but as Discy said - games play differently, and that might be the thing, with SS3 having sprint option that makes you able to run from the kamikazes.
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Default Re: is this game getting more difficult or am I getting older?

The latest Sam games and DLCs tend to adjust difficulty by not giving you enough health/ammo. (Health in particular)
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Default Re: is this game getting more difficult or am I getting older?

I actually find SS3 harder than SSHD.
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Default Re: is this game getting more difficult or am I getting older?

Originally Posted by swapjim View Post
I'm either getting older, more stupid, or the Serious Sam games are getting more difficult.
We've had plenty of people who still played into their 60s and seemed to do ok. As long as you understand how the various enemies move and attack you can plan ahead how to deal with them. And as long as you keep a sense of your environment you can use that to your advantage.

The game design is fairly intuitive in various fundamental ways. When it introduces are certain type of enemy it also introduces ways to counteract them. For example, when you run into hitscan enemies (the arachnoids) you have plenty of things to hide behind to avoid their attacks. Also, as long as you are firing on them it actually interrupts their ability to fire on you. And because of the way the other monsters work (run straight at you) you can circle strafe and dodge around while you kill the long-distance enemies and then attack the things chasing you. Unless they are kamikazes, of course, but you can use them to your advantage and blow them up near other enemies to damage them.

It's all strategy. Reflexes aren't that important in the Classics or in HD. SS3 is different but I won't go there since everyone knows my opinion on that.
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Default Re: is this game getting more difficult or am I getting older?

With me, I found Serious Sam: BFE fairly easy apart from some of the boss battles, though with age I actually do get better with playing..
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Default Re: is this game getting more difficult or am I getting older?

You are getting older
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