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Default [HELP]Karnak style portals?

Hello, Seriously! forums.

I've been working on a little map for SSHD:SE for a bit and hit a brick wall trying to recreate those see-through portals (like the one in Karnak). I've been bashing my head over it for a few days and googling for solutions like crazy but I can't find anything.

Best I've managed to do is copy and paste them from the Karnak demo and then scale them to fit my needs (after pointing the mirror to the proper portal marker). They do work, but I would like to have a custom-built mesh which has the same surface property.

Has anyone managed to figure out how to do those?
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Default Re: [HELP]Karnak style portals?

You must have a surface with a Ripple Shader.
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Default Re: [HELP]Karnak style portals?

Oh my god! It's finally working!

Thanks a lot for the tip, but that was just 50% of the problem

The other half was figuring out that I have to press Esc in order to have the ability to copy the refraction material from the mirror to the mesh. I was wondering why that did nothing.

Either way, thanks for the help. Without that I'd probably still be stuck using the wrong type of material.
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